All Authors : Roaring Brook

Barney Saltzberg

Tea with Grandpa

Stephen Savage

Little Tug

S.D. Schindler

A Big Cheese for the White House; Magnus Maximus, A Marvelous Measurer; Come to the Castle!

Leda Schubert

Ballet of the Elephants; Feeding the Sheep; The Princess of Borscht; Monsieur Marceau

Amy Schwartz

A Teeny Tiny Baby; Tiny and Hercules; Lucy Can't Sleep

Howard Schwartz

Gathering Sparks

Casey Scieszka

To Timbuktu

Marcus Sedgwick

Revolver; White Crow; She Is Not Invisible; Midwinterblood

Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Dog and Bear: Two Friends, Three Stories; Lemons Are Not Red; Walter Was Worried; First the Egg

Joann Sfar

Sardine in Outer Space; Sardine in Outer Space 2; Sardine in Outer Space 3; Sardine in Outer Space 4

Nick Sharratt

Candyfloss; Best Friends; Cookie; When a Monster Is Born

Bob Shea

Kid Sheriff and the Terrible Toads

Steve Sheinkin

Bomb; King George: What Was His Problem?; Two Miserable Presidents; Which Way to the Wild West?

Mark Siegel

Moving House; Sailor Twain; Between the Panels 2

Randy Siegel

Grandma's Smile; My Snake Blake

Charlotte Silver

The Summer Invitation

Anita Silvey

The Plant Hunters; Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Children's Book; Children's Book-a-Day Almanac

Michael Simmons

Alien Feast

David Slonim

It's a Dog's Life; Patch

Lane Smith

It's a Book; Grandpa Green; Abe Lincoln's Dream; It's a Little Book

Lindsay Smith

Sekret; Doppel; Sekret, Chapters 1-5

Erin E. Stead

A Sick Day for Amos McGee; And Then It's Spring; If You Want to See a Whale; Bear Has a Story to Tell

Philip C. Stead

Creamed Tuna Fish and Peas on Toast; A Sick Day for Amos McGee; Jonathan and the Big Blue Boat; A Home for Bird

Don Steinberg

America Bowl

Karen Steinmetz

The Mourning Wars

Rebecca Stern

Breakfast on Mars and 37 Other Delectable Essays

Jerry Stone

One Small Step

Yasmine Surovec

I See Kitty; A Bed for Kitty

Pamela Swallow

It Only Looks Easy

Kristina Swarner

Gathering Sparks

Peter Sylvada

How to Catch a Fish