All Authors : SMP

Ally O'Brien

The Agency

Christopher O'Brien

Enter The Valley

Flann O'Brien

The Various Lives of Keats and Chapman

Geoffrey O'Brien

The Fall of the House of Walworth

Keith O'Brien

Outside Shot

Pat O'Brien

I'll Be Back Right After This

Dr. Stephen J. O'Brien

Tears of the Cheetah

Robin O'Bryant

Ketchup Is a Vegetable

Lorie O'Clare

Tall, Dark and Deadly; Strong, Sleek and Sinful; The Bodyguard; Men of Danger

Patricia O'Connell

How Excellent Companies Avoid Dumb Things

Denis O'Connor

Paw Prints in the Moonlight; Paw Prints at Owl Cottage

Kevin E. O'Connor

Present Like a Pro; Speak Up!

Martha O'Connor

The Bitch Posse

Richard O'Connor

Happy at Last

Christine O'Donnell


Norah O'Donnell

Baby Love

Selina O'Grady

And Man Created God

Lesley O'Mara

Which Way to the Vomitorium?

Tim O'Mara

Sacrifice Fly; Crooked Numbers; Dead Red

Sister Carol Anne O'Marie

The Corporal Works of Murder; Murder at the Monks' Table; Death Goes on Retreat; The Missing Madonna

Michael O'McCarthy

The Boys of the Dark

Gary O'Neal

American Warrior

Linda O'Neal

The Missing Girls

Shaquille O'Neal

Shaq Talks Back

Ryan O'Neill

The Weight of a Human Heart

Tony O'Neill

Hero of the Underground

Ann O'Reilly

The Future of Men; Consumed: Rethinking Business in the Era of Mindful Spending; Good for Business; The Talent Mandate

Mary O'Shaughnessy

Naked Came the Phoenix

Pam O'Shaughnessy

Naked Came the Phoenix

Patrick O'Shaughnessy

Millennial Money

Kathryn O'Sullivan

Foal Play; Murder on the Hoof

James O'Toole

The New American Workplace; America at Work

Marylouise Oates

The Second Home Book

Auma Obama

And Then Life Happens

Barack Obama

What Is Best in America

T. Lynn Ocean

Southern Fatality; Southern Poison; Southern Peril

Weston Ochse

SEAL Team 666; Age of Blood; Border Dogs: A SEAL Team 666 Adventure; Reign of Evil

Scott Oden

The Lion of Cairo

John Oehser

Jags To Riches

Lawrence H. Officer

Two Centuries of Compensation for U.S. Production Workers in Manufacturing; Everyday Economics

Mike Offit

Nothing Personal

Sidney Offit

Friends, Writers, and Other Countrymen

Charles Ogletree

The Presumption of Guilt

Lynn Olanoff

Love Me or Else; Fatal Jealousy

Christina Olds

Fighter Pilot

Robin Olds

Fighter Pilot

Thomas Oliphant

Praying for Gil Hodges; Utter Incompetents

Walter E. Oliu

The Business Writer's Handbook; Handbook of Technical Writing, Tenth Edition; The Business Writer's Handbook, Tenth Edition

Jana Oliver

The Demon Trapper's Daughter; Soul Thief; Forgiven; Retro Demonology

Debra Ollivier

Entre Nous

Dan Olmsted

The Age of Autism

Gregg Olsen

Abandoned Prayers; Bitter Almonds; Cruel Deception; A Twisted Faith

Jack Olsen

I: The Creation of a Serial Killer; Hastened to the Grave

Joseph Olshan

The Conversion; Cloudland

Barbara Olshansky

The Case for Impeachment

Robin L. Olson

The Cookie Party Cookbook

Walter K. Olson

The Rule of Lawyers

Thomas Onorato

Confessions from the Velvet Ropes

Julie Oparka


David Oppegaard

The Suicide Collectors; Wormwood, Nevada

Jerry Oppenheimer

Front Row; Crazy Rich

Leslie Oren

Fine, I'll Go Online!

Rhonda Orin

Making Them Pay

Tony Orlando

Halfway to Paradise

Erica Orloff

Dirty Little Secrets

David Ortiz

Big Papi; Big Papi (Spanish edition)

Mai Osawa

I Never Knew That About the Irish; I Never Knew That About London

Betsey Osborne

The Natural History of Uncas Metcalfe


Courage; Creativity; Maturity; Intimacy

Hakan Ostlundh

The Viper

Dorothy Ours

Man o' War; Battleship: A Daring Heiress, a Teenage Jockey, and America's Horse

Gail Oust

Rosemary and Crime; Kill 'Em with Cayenne

Frank Owen

Clubland; No Speed Limit

Sri Owen

The Rice Book

Gwendolyn Oxenham

Finding the Game