All Authors : SMP

Bruce Sabath

How to Change Anybody

Jay Sacher

How to Hang a Picture

Brad Sachs, Ph.D.

Emptying the Nest

Howard Safir


Jesse Sage

Enslaved: True Stories of Modern Day Slavery

Linda Seifer Sage

The Complete Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planner

Neil Sagebiel

The Longest Shot; Draw in the Dunes

Lou Sahadi


Dr. Ray Sahelian

Mind Boosters; Kava

Caitlin Sainio

100 Snowflakes to Crochet; 100 Lace Flowers to Crochet; 75 Exquisite Trims in Thread Crochet

Susan Saint Sing

The Eight; The Wonder Crew

Keisuke Saka


Jeswald W. Salacuse

The Global Negotiator

J. J. Salem

The Strip; Tan Lines

Jill Salen

Vintage Lingerie

Judith A. Salerno, M.D., M.S.

The Weight of the Nation

Jacqueline S. Salit

Independents Rising

Allen E. Salowe

Prostate Cancer

Karin Salvalaggio

Bone Dust White

Charles Salzberg

The Mad Fisherman

Marian Salzman

The Future of Men; Next Now

Matt Samet

Death Grip

Jamie Sams

Medicine Cards

David Samson

Useless Knowledge

Dr. Larry Samuel

563 Stupid Things Stupid People Do to Mess Up Their Lives

Terence Samuel

The Upper House

Ellen Samuels

Out of the Ordinary

Leslie Sanchez

Los Republicanos; You've Come a Long Way, Maybe

Maria Bruscino Sanchez

Sweet Maria's Italian Cookie Tray; The New Lasagna Cookbook; Sweet Maria's Italian Desserts; Sweet Maria's Cake Kitchen

Michael SanClements

Plastic Purge

Christopher Sandford

Polanski: A Biography; Masters of Mystery: The Strange Friendship of Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini

David Sandison

Che Guevara

Lori Sandler

The Divvies Bakery Cookbook; Allergy-Free Treats to Make and Share; Nut, Egg, and Dairy-Free Sweets for Birthdays; Nut, Egg, and Dairy-Free Sweets for the Classroom

Ariel Sands

Never the Face

Philippe Sands

Torture Team

Stella Sands

Behind the Mask; The Good Son; The Dating Game Killer; Murder at Yale

George Sandström

Seashells of the World; Seashells of North America; Rocks and Minerals

Marita Sandstrom

Seashells of the World

Yoko Sanjo

Sweet & Simple Patchwork Gifts

Stephen Santogrossi

A Stranger Lies There

Tom Santopietro

The Importance of Being Barbra; Considering Doris Day; Sinatra in Hollywood; The Godfather Effect

Dina Santorelli

Daft Punk

Warren Sapp

Sapp Attack

Ralph Sarchie

Deliver Us from Evil: A New York City Cop Investigates the Supernatural

Peter Sasgen

Stalking the Red Bear

Cynthia Sass

Flat Belly Diet!

Nathan Sassaman

Warrior King

Charles W. Sasser

Arctic Homestead; Raider; Taking Fire; None Left Behind

Jean Sasson

Growing Up bin Laden

Dr. Sally Satel

One Nation Under Therapy

Pamela Redmond Satran

Baby Names Now; Beyond Jennifer & Jason, Madison & Montana; The Baby Name Bible; Cool Names for Babies

Anthony Sattin

Lifting the Veil; The Gates of Africa

Mary Saums

Thistle and Twigg; Mighty Old Bones

Kate Saunders

The Marrying Game; Bachelor Boys; The Little Secret

Jon Savage

England's Dreaming, Revised Edition

Michael Savage

Abuse of Power; A Time for War

Guy Saville

The Afrika Reich

Dennis Sayers

Brave New Schools

Dorothy L. Sayers

Thrones, Dominations

Steven Saylor

A Gladiator Dies Only Once; Roma; Empire; Roman Blood

Lawrence Scanlan

The Horse God Built

Mrs. Patricia Scanlan

Francesca's Party; Two For Joy

Bill Scanlon

Bad News for McEnroe

Katie Scarfe

The Last Kings of Sark

Simon Scarrow

Under the Eagle; The Eagle's Conquest; The Eagle and the Wolves; When the Eagle Hunts

Frank J. Scaturro

Never Give In

Rachael Scdoris

No End in Sight

Thomas Schachtman

Whoever Fights Monsters

Elizabeth Schafer

Ms-Directing Shakespeare

Michael Schaffer

One Nation Under Dog

Bob Schaller

Michael Phelps

Jonathan Schanzer

Hamas vs. Fatah; State of Failure

David Schapira

The Book of Coffee and Tea

Joel Schapira

The Book of Coffee and Tea

Karl Schapira

The Book of Coffee and Tea

Prof. Michael P. Scharf

Enemy of the State

Dan Schawbel

Promote Yourself

Amy Scheibe

What Do You Do All Day?

Danny Scheinmann

Random Acts of Heroic Love

Christine Schelhas-Miller

Don't Tell Me What to Do, Just Send Money

Joan Schenkar

The Talented Miss Highsmith

Tony Scherman

The Rock Musician

Phillip F. Schewe

Maverick Genius

Peter Schiff

The Real Crash

Jim Schlagheck

Cash-Rich Retirement

Hank Schlesinger

Digimon Power

Gary Schmidgall

Walt Whitman

Christina Schmidhofer

The Relaxed Kitchen

Nicholas Schmidle

To Live or to Perish Forever

Peter G. Schmidt

Color and Money

Bernd Schmitt

Happy Customers Everywhere

Eric Schmitt


Frederick S. Schneid

Fighting Techniques of the Napoleonic Age

Bonnie Schneider

Extreme Weather

Paul Schneider

The Enduring Shore; The Adirondacks; Brutal Journey; Bonnie and Clyde

Susan Schneider

The Wedding Writer

Beth Schoenfeldt

Ladies Who Launch

Carter Scholz

Radiance; The Amount to Carry

Katie Schorr

Evermore; Shadowland; Blue Moon; Dark Flame

Mark Schorr

Fixation; Borderline

Nicholas Schou

Orange Sunshine

David J. Schow

Upgunned; Internecine

Martin Schram

Vets Under Siege

Michael Schulman

Great Scenes and Monologues for Actors; Play the Scene

Dan Schultz

Dead Run

Duane Schultz

Over The Earth I Come; Quantrill's War; Custer: Lessons in Leadership

Charles M. Schulz

Waking up Just in Time; When Do The Good Things Start?

Jim Schumacher

The Virus and the Vaccine

Donna Schuurman

Never the Same

Bob Schwartz, Ph.D.

The One-Hour Orgasm; Great Orgasms

Judith D. Schwartz

Tell Me No Lies

Leah Schwartz, Ph.D.

The One-Hour Orgasm; Great Orgasms

Loretta Schwartz-Nobel

Poisoned Nation

Alan Schwarz

The Numbers Game

Daniel R. Schwarz

Imagining the Holocaust; Reading Joyce's Ulysses; The Transformation of the English Novel, 1890-1930; Reconfiguring Modernism

Theresa Schwegel

Officer Down; Person of Interest; Probable Cause; Last Known Address

Scientific American

Instant Egghead Guide: The Mind; Instant Egghead Guide: The Universe; Instant Egghead Guide: Physics

Elaine Sciolino

La Seduction

Ted Scofield

Eat What You Kill

A. O. Scott

The Best DVDs You've Never Seen, Just Missed or Almost Forgotten

Cathy Scott

The Millionaire's Wife

Chris Scott

Fighting Techniques of the Napoleonic Age

David Scott

Politics and War in the Three Stuart Kingdoms, 1637-49; Two Sides of the Moon; The 'Chinese Century'?

Jill Scott

The Moments, the Minutes, the Hours

Keith Scott

The Moose That Roared

Kylie Scott

Lick; Play; Lead

Linda M. Scott

Fresh Lipstick

Melanie Scott

The Devil in Denim

Michael Scott

Etruscans; The Thirteen Hallows; Vampyres of Hollywood

Sophfronia Scott

All I Need to Get By

Lisa Scottoline

Naked Came the Phoenix; Look Again; Think Twice; Save Me

Matthew Scully


John Seabrook

Flash of Genius

Teresa Searle

Heartfelt: 25 Projects for Stitched and Felted Accessories; Felt Jewelry

Douglas R. Sease

Money Wise

Davin Seay

With God on Our Side

Anne Sebba

That Woman

Kevin Seccia

Punching Tom Hanks

Kate Sedley

The Saint John's Fern; The Weaver's Inheritance; The Brothers of Glastonbury

Kabir Sehgal

Walk in My Shoes

Kathleen Gilles Seidel

A Most Uncommon Degree of Popularity; Keep Your Mouth Shut and Wear Beige

Betsy Seifter

The Inevitable City

Fraser P. Seitel

Rethinking Reputation

Sarah Selecky

This Cake Is for the Party

Robert Sellers


Scott P. Sells

Parenting Your Out-of-Control Teenager

Joel Selvin

Peppermint Twist; Wear Your Dreams

Michel Senellart

Security, Territory, Population

Frank Sennett

Groupon's Biggest Deal Ever

Barbara Seranella

An Unacceptable Death; Deadman's Switch

Francesca Serritella

My Nest Isn't Empty, It Just Has More Closet Space; Best Friends, Occasional Enemies; Meet Me at Emotional Baggage Claim; Have a Nice Guilt Trip

Lee Server

Robert Mitchum; Ava Gardner

Kevin Sessums

Mississippi Sissy

Ingrid Seward

Diana--The Last Word

Gerald Seymour

The Dealer and the Dead; A Deniable Death

Tom Shachtman

Rumspringa; Airlift to America; Gentlemen Scientists and Revolutionaries

Geoff Shackelford

Grounds for Golf

Jeremy Shafer

Origami to Astonish and Amuse

Yvonne Shafer

Performing O'Neill

Anthony Shaffer

Operation Dark Heart; The Last Line

Marjorie Shaffer

Pepper: A History of the World's Most Influential Spice

Owen Vernon Shaffer

North American Indian Arts

Paul R. Shaffer

Fossils; Rocks, Gems and Minerals

William Shakespeare

The Sonnets; The Merchant of Venice; Twelfth Night

Gene Shalit

Great Hollywood Wit

Douglass Shand-Tucci

The Crimson Letter

Ntozake Shange

Sassafrass, Cypress and Indigo; Betsey Brown; nappy edges; Sassafrass, Cypress & Indigo

Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi

The Lost Flamingoes of Bombay

Thom Shanker


Peter Shankman

Nice Companies Finish First

Jacqueline Shannon

Raising a Star

Cynthia Shapiro

Corporate Confidential; What Does Somebody Have to Do to Get A Job Around Here?

Marc Shapiro

Carlos Santana; Behind Sad Eyes; J. K. Rowling; Passion and Pain

Michael Shapiro

Bottom of the Ninth

Nancy Kay Shapiro

What Love Means to You People

Robert J. Shapiro


Sylvia Shapiro

The Co-Op Bible; The New York Co-op Bible

Joe Sharkey

Lady Gold

Ritu Sharma

Teach a Woman to Fish

Juliet Sharman-Burke

Beginner's Guide to Tarot; The New Complete Book of Tarot; The Complete Tarot Pack; The New Mythic Tarot

Caroline Sharp

A Writer's Workbook

John R. Sharp

The Emotional Calendar

Kathleen Sharp

In Good Faith

William Shatner

Up Till Now

John T. Shaw

JFK in the Senate: Pathway to the Presidency

Mark Shaw

Beneath the Mask of Holiness

Simon Shaw

The Company of Knaves

Terri Shaw

Sweater Design in Plain English

Nicholas Shaxson

Poisoned Wells; Treasure Islands

Maggie B. Shayne

Midnight Pleasures

Ammon Shea

Insulting English; Depraved English

Christina Shea

Moira's Crossing

John Shea

Nick of Time; The Time Pirate

Stephen Michael Shearer

Beautiful; Gloria Swanson; Beautiful: The Life of Hedy Lamarr

Bob Sheasley

Home to Roost

Philip Shelby

Robert Ludlum's The Cassandra Compact

Hugh Shelton

Without Hesitation

Karen Shepard

The Bad Boy's Wife

Matthew Shepatin

Marathon Man

Lynn Shepherd

Murder at Mansfield Park

Scott Shepherd

Lookaway, Lookaway; Shotgun Lovesongs

Jeremy Shere


Patti Sherlock

A Dog for All Seasons

Scott Sherman

Bad for the Jews

Ted Sherman

The Jersey Sting

Michael Shermer

Why People Believe Weird Things; How We Believe, 2nd Edition; Science Friction; The Science of Good and Evil

John F. Sherry Jr.

Resurgence: The Four Stages of Market-Focused Reinvention

Ph.D. Judith Sherven

Be Loved for Who You Really Are

Charles J. Shields

Mockingbird; I Am Scout; And So It Goes

Julie Shigekuni

Invisible Gardens

Debra Shigley

The Go-Getter Girl's Guide

Randy Shilts

And the Band Played On; The Mayor of Castro Street

Elaine Fantle Shimberg

Coping with Chronic Heartburn

Jim Shinnick

This Will Kill You

Josh Shipp

The Teen's Guide to World Domination; Jump Ship

David Shobin

The Cure

Tom Shone

In the Rooms

John Shore

Comma Sense

Will Shortz

The New York Times Easy Crossword Puzzles, Volume 2; New York Times Crosswords for Your Coffee Break; The New York Times on the Web Crosswords for Teens; The New York Times Sun, Sand and Crosswords

Gena Showalter

The Bodyguard

Gena Showalter

Temptation in Shadows

Dave Showler

Frogs and Toads

Joseph Shrand

Manage Your Stress

Dr. Wayne Shreffler, MD, PhD

Understanding Your Food Allergies and Intolerances

Lara Shriftman

Party Confidential

Maria Shriver

What's Heaven; The Shriver Report

Mark Shriver

A Good Man

Murzban F. Shroff

Breathless in Bombay

Mike Shropshire

Sarah Palin and the Wasilla Warriors

John Siceloff

Your America

Chantal Sicile-Kira

A Full Life with Autism

Jeremy Sicile-Kira

A Full Life with Autism

Noëlle Sickels

Walking West; The Shopkeeper's Wife; The Medium

C. Clinton Sidle

The Leadership Wheel

Steven Sidor

Pitch Dark; Skin River; The Mirror's Edge; A Chunk of Hell

Marcia B. Siegel

Howling Near Heaven

Michael Signer


Joseph Signorile, PhD

The South Beach Diet Supercharged

Yrsa Sigurdardottir

Ashes to Dust; The Day Is Dark; I Remember You

Lee Silber

Organizing from the Right Side of the Brain

Caroline Silby, Ph.D.

Games Girls Play

Ana Siljak

Angel of Vengeance

Julie Silver, M.D.

You Can Heal Yourself

Ellen Silverman

The Cuban Table

Robin Silverman

The Ten Gifts

Randall Silvis

Disquiet Heart

Alastair Sim

The Unbelievers

Dan Simmons

Song of Kali; Carrion Comfort; Summer of Night; Children of the Night

Matty Simmons

Fat, Drunk, and Stupid

Simone Simmons

Diana--The Last Word

Wayne Simmons

The Natanz Directive

Clea Simon

The Feline Mystique

John M. Simon, D.V.M.

What Your Dog Is Trying To Tell You

Marcello Simonetta

Napoleon and the Rebel

Craig Simons

The Devouring Dragon

Colton Simpson

Inside the Crips

Janice Sims

Sister, Sister

Eve Sinclair

Jane Eyre Laid Bare

Arthur Singer

Birds of North America

Peter Singer

Rethinking Life and Death; The Great Ape Project; The Ethics of What We Eat

Alison Singh Gee

Where the Peacocks Sing

Rani Singh

Sonia Gandhi

Stephen Singular

When Men Become Gods; A Death in Wichita

Eric Sinoway

Howard's Gift

Martín Sivak

Evo Morales

Michael Siverling

The Sterling Inheritance; The Sorcerer's Circle

Martin Sixsmith

The Litvinenko File

Kathleen M. Skelly

The Complete In-Line Skater

Karen Skelton

The Shriver Report

David Skibbins

High Priestess; Eight of Swords; The Hanged Man; The Star

Chris Skidmore

Edward VI; The Rise of the Tudors; Death and the Virgin Queen

Max J. Skidmore

After the White House

Pamela Slaton


Barbara Slavin

Bitter Friends, Bosom Enemies

Michael Sloan

The Equalizer

Con Slobodchikoff, PhD

Chasing Doctor Dolittle

Larry "Ratso" Sloman

Reefer Madness

Linda L. Small

Be a Great Divorced Dad

K. Bryant Smalley

Always the Fat Kid

Bob Smiley

Don't Mess with Travis

Abbe Smith

Case of a Lifetime

Andrew F. Smith

Starving the South

Annie Smith

The Redneck Guide To Raisin' Children

Barbara Dawson Smith

Once Upon A Scandal; Scandalous Weddings; The Duchess Diaries; The Rogue Report

Carlton Smith

Vanished; In the Arms of Evil; Blood Will Tell; The BTK Murders

Carole Smith

The Magic Castle

Daniel Blake Smith

The Shipwreck That Saved Jamestown; An American Betrayal

David Livingstone Smith

Why We Lie; The Most Dangerous Animal; Less Than Human

Dodie Smith

I Capture the Castle; Starlight Barking

Frank Smith

Acts of Vengeance; Thread of Evidence; Candles for the Dead; Stone Dead

Gene Allen Smith

The Slaves' Gamble

Gregory White Smith

The Mormon Murders

Haywood Smith

Ladies of the Lake; The Red Hat Club Rides Again; Wedding Belles; Waking Up in Dixie

Hobart M. Smith

Reptiles and Amphibians; Reptiles of North America

Holly Austin Smith

Walking Prey

Ian K. Smith, M.D.

The Fat Smash Diet; Extreme Fat Smash Diet; The 4 Day Diet; Happy

Kathryn Smith

Naughty or Nice?; Weird Ocean; Weird Bugs

Kerry Smith

Cruise Vacations for Mature Travelers; Walt Disney World for Mature Travelers

Mark Allen Smith

The Inquisitor

Michael Smith

Killer Elite

Neil Smith

How Excellent Companies Avoid Dumb Things

Mr. Noble Smith

The Wisdom of the Shire; Sons of Zeus; Spartans at the Gates: A Novel; The One-Armed Warrior

P. D. Smith

Doomsday Men

Randall Smith

The Prince of Silicon Valley

Rick Smith

Toxin Toxout

Roy C. Smith

The Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific Movement; Adam Smith and the Origins of American Enterprise; The Wealth Creators; Paper Fortunes

Russell Smith

Men's Style

Shelley Smith

Games Girls Play

Stephen C. Smith

NGOs and the Millennium Development Goals; Ending Global Poverty

Susan Smith

150 Crochet Trims

Tom Smith

Bonnie's Household Organizer

Troy Smith


Wilbur Smith

Hungry as the Sea; Monsoon; The Eye of the Tiger; Birds of Prey

Yves Smith

ECONned: How Unenlightened Self Interest Undermined Democracy and Corrupted Capitalism

Raymond Smullyan

Five Thousand B.C. and Other Philosophical Fantasies

W. R. Smyser

The Humanitarian Conscience

Tamara Sneed

An All Night Man; The Way He Makes Me Feel; All The Man I Need; You've Got a Hold On Me

David Snider

Money Makers

Ph.D. Jim Sniechowski

Be Loved for Who You Really Are

Peter Snow

When Britain Burned the White House

Tom Snyder

Pacific Coast Highway: Traveler's Guide; The Two-Lane Gourmet; Route 66

Dava Sobel

Arthritis, What Exercises Work; The Illustrated Longitude; Longitude; A More Perfect Heaven


Africa Lost; Ranger Knowledge; Navy SEALs BUD/S Preparation Guide; Operation Red Wings

Linda Sole

This Land This Love

Rebecca Soler

Cinder; Scarlet; Cress; Virtue Falls

Tatjana Soli

The Lotus Eaters; The Forgetting Tree

Dorothy Allred Solomon

The Sisterhood: Inside the Lives of Mormon Women

Anne Somerset

The Affair of the Poisons

Ms. Christina Hoff Sommers

One Nation Under Therapy

Joseph Sommerville

Rainmaking Presentations

Caroline Somp

A Year of Little Things

Marc Songini

Boston Mob; The Lost Fleet

Jimmy Soni

Rome's Last Citizen

Piera Sonnino

This Has Happened

Charles A. Sorrell

Rocks and Minerals

Walter Sorrells

Proof of Intent; Feet of Clay

Vivienne Sosnowski

When the Rivers Ran Red

Diana Souhami

Mrs. Keppel and Her Daughter; Gwendolen

Phil Southerland

Not Dead Yet

Lisa Souza

10 Secrets of the LaidBack Knitters

Scott Sowers

Scarecrow; Larry Bond's First Team; The Garden of Eden; Perfect Dark: Initial Vector

James Spada

Julia; Jackie

Susan Spann

Claws of the Cat; Blade of the Samurai

Linda Sparks

The Basics of Corset Building

Tony Spawforth


Sen. Arlen Specter

Never Give In; Life Among the Cannibals

John Speed

The Temple Dancer; Tiger Claws

Sandra Speidel

What's Heaven

Candy Spelling

Stories from Candyland

Chris Spence

Global Warming

Gerry Spence

Give Me Liberty; How to Argue & Win Every Time; From Freedom To Slavery; Seven Simple Steps to Personal Freedom

Graham Spence

Babylon's Ark; The Elephant Whisperer; The Last Rhinos

Simon Spence

The Stone Roses

Susan Spencer Paul

Touch of Night; Touch of Passion; Touch of Desire

Camika Spencer

When All Hell Breaks Loose; He Had It Coming

Nelsie Spencer

The Playgroup

Paula Spencer

Everything Else You Need to Know When You're Expecting

Julia Spencer-Fleming

In the Bleak Midwinter; Out of the Deep I Cry; A Fountain Filled With Blood; All Mortal Flesh

Keith Spera

Groove Interrupted

Michael Spicer

The Spicer Diaries

Paul Spicer

The Temptress

Geri Spieler

Taking Aim at the President

Matthew Spieler

Selecting a President

Guy Spier

The Education of a Value Investor

Erica Spindler

Breakneck; Blood Vines; Watch Me Die; Justice for Sara

Carolyn Spiro

Divided Minds

Robyn Freedman Spizman

Make It Memorable; Take This Book to Work

Gretchen Sprague

Maquette for Murder; Murder in a Heat Wave; Death by Thunder

Gretchen Sprague

Death In Good Company

Francis Spufford

I May Be Some Time; The Child That Books Built; Red Plenty

Pam Spurr

Fabulous Foreplay; How to Tease and Please Your Lover

Jim Squires

Headless Horsemen

Sally Squires

Secrets of the Lean Plate Club

Susan Squires

Love at First Bite; Dead After Dark; The Companion; The Burning

Victoria St. George

Questions From Earth, Answers From Heaven

Dana Stabenow

Midnight Come Again; A Fine and Bitter Snow; The Singing of the Dead; A Taint in the Blood

William Stadiem


Staff of the Harvard Crimson

How They Got into Harvard; 55 Successful Harvard Law School Application Essays; 50 Successful Harvard Application Essays

Curt Stager

Deep Future; Your Atomic Self

Sam Staggs

All About All About Eve; Close-up on Sunset Boulevard; When Blanche Met Brando; Born to Be Hurt

Cath Staincliffe

Dead to Me

Lesley Stanfield

150 Knitted Trims; 100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet; 75 Birds, Butterflies & Little Beasts to Knit & Crochet; 75 Floral Blocks to Knit

Niqui Stanhope

Changing The Rules; Whatever Lola Wants; She's Gotta Have It

Kelli Stanley

First Thrills; City of Dragons; The Curse-Maker; First Thrills: Volume 2

Timothy Stanley

The Crusader; Citizen Hollywood

Domenic Stansberry

The Last Days of Il Duce; The Big Boom; Chasing the Dragon; Naked Moon

Gareth Stansfield

The Future of Iraq

Brandon Stanton

Humans of New York; Little Humans

Doug Stanton

In Harm's Way

Tom Stanton

The Final Season; The Road to Cooperstown; Ty and The Babe

Joe Starita

"I Am a Man"

Jason Starr

Lights Out; The Follower; Panic Attack

Daniel Stashower

The Hour of Peril; Teller of Tales

Clifford L. Staten

The History of Cuba

Cameron Stauth

What Happy People Know; In the Name of God

Ilan Stavans

Art and Anger; Gabriel García Márquez: The Early Years; The Poetry of Pablo Neruda; Dictionary Days

Liz Stavrinides

Miracle Dogs

Rick Steber

No End in Sight

Brogan Steele

From the Jaws of Death

Tom Steele

Your Kitchen's Magic Wand; Everyday Asian

Brad Steiger

Four-Legged Miracles

Sherry Hansen Steiger

Four-Legged Miracles

Elissa Stein

Flow; Awfully Wedded; Tales From the Prom

Harry Stein

Ethics & Other Liabilities

Mark Stein

American Panic

Sol Stein

Stein On Writing; How to Grow a Novel; Sol Stein's Reference Book for Writers

Leigh Steinberg

The Agent

Shirley R. Steinberg

White Reign; Measured Lies

Steve Steinberg

Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing

Leslie Morgan Steiner

Crazy Love; The Baby Chase

Peter Steiner

L'Assassin; Le Crime; A French Country Murder; The Terrorist

Jennifer Steinhauer

Beverly Hills Adjacent

Olen Steinhauer

The Bridge of Sighs; The Confession; 36 Yalta Boulevard; Liberation Movements

Leonard Steinhorn

The Greater Generation

Jean Stengers


Kellie Stenzel

The Women's Guide to Golf

Jeffrey Stepakoff

Fireworks Over Toccoa; The Melody of Secrets; Love a la Carte; The Orchard

Joanne Stepaniak

Breaking the Food Seduction

Mitchell Stephens

Imagine There's No Heaven

James Stephenson

The Language of the Land

Jenny Sterlin

A Monstrous Regiment of Women; The Beekeeper's Apprentice

Caryl M. Stern

I Believe in ZERO

Ken Stern


David Sternberg

How to Complete and Survive a Doctoral Dissertation

Brooke Stevens

Tattoo Girl

Chevy Stevens

Still Missing; Never Knowing; That Night; The Other Side

Kira Stevens

Good Books Lately

Serita Stevens

Forensic Nurse

NJ Stevenson

Fashion: A Visual History

Alan Stewart

The Cradle King

Barbara Stewart

The In-Between

Chris Stewart

The Fourth War; The God of War; My Story

Elizabeth A. Stewart

Exploring Twins; Exploring Twins, Second Edition; An Enormous Crime

Kimberly Lord Stewart

Eating Between the Lines

Jeff Stibel

Breakpoint: Why the Web will Implode, Search will be Obsolete, and Everything Else you Need to Know about Technology is in Your Brain; Breakpoint

Randall Stickrod

The Roadmap to 100

Vicki Stiefel

10 Secrets of the LaidBack Knitters

Alexander Stillwell

Elite Forces Manual of Mental and Physical Endurance

R.L. Stine

It's the First Day of School...Forever!; A Midsummer Night's Scream; Party Games

Jessica Stirling

Wives at War; Shamrock Green; Sisters Three; The Piper's Tune

Richard Stirling

Julie Andrews

Jon Stock

Dead Spy Running; Games Traitors Play; Dirty Little Secret

Bruce Stockler

I Sleep at Red Lights

Col. Bob Stoffey

Cleared Hot!

Bruce Stokes

America Against the World

Biz Stone

Who Let the Blogs Out?

Jonathan Stone

The Cold Truth; The Heat of Lies; Breakthrough

Oliver Stone

A Child's Night Dream

Polly Stone

Sarah's Key

Rhonda Stone

The Light Barrier

Tom Stoner

The Comfort of Our Kind

Olaf Storbeck

Economics 2.0

Martin Storey

Knitting Goes Large; Nordic Knits; Aran Knits; Little Aran & Celtic Knits for Kids

Val Stori

You Don't Know Sh*t

Shari Storm

Motherhood Is the New MBA

Alex Storozynski

The Peasant Prince

Michael Storrings

A Very New York Christmas; The Three Gifts; New York in Four Seasons

Carlton Stowers

To The Last Breath; Open Secrets; Scream at the Sky; Sins of the Son

Natasha Stoynoff

Life's Little Emergencies

Mike Straka

Grrr! Celebrities Are Ruining Our Country...and Other Reasons Why We're All in Trouble

Robert W. Straley

The Boys of the Dark

Jeff Strand

Specimen 313

Sarah Jane Stratford

The Moonlight Brigade; The Midnight Guardian

Paul Strathern

Mendeleyev's Dream

Alix Strauss

The Joy of Funerals; Britney Spears: An Unauthorized Biography; No Authority

Susan Strayer

The Right Job, Right Now

Dominic Streatfeild

Cocaine; Brainwash

Susan Strecker

Night Blindness

Meryl Streep

The One and Only Shrek!; Do One Green Thing

Nicholas Strekalovsky

Spiders and Their Kin

Wesley Strick

Out There in the Dark

Gabriel Stricker

Mao in the Boardroom

Brad Strickland

Merian C. Cooper's King Kong

Chris Stringer

Lone Survivors

Leigh Stringer

The Green Workplace

Wallace Stroby

The Barbed-wire Kiss; The Heartbreak Lounge; Gone 'til November; Cold Shot to the Heart

Fredrik Stromberg

Comic Art Propaganda

Roy Strong

A Country Life

Richard L. Stroup

Common Sense Economics

Mary Dowd Struck

The Post-Pregnancy Handbook

Anne Stuart

The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes; Dogs and Goddesses

Sebastian Stuart

24-Karat Kids

Matthew Sturgis

The Chronicles of Downton Abbey

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65 Successful Harvard Business School Application Essays, Second Edition

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