All Authors : SMP -Thomas Dunne

Alex Caine

Befriend and Betray

Dick Cami

Peppermint Twist

Bruce Campbell

If Chins Could Kill; Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way

Liza Campbell

A Charmed Life

Jerry Capeci

Mob Boss

Anthony J. Cardieri

Luck of the Draw

Olga Andreyev Carlisle

Far from Russia

Gianrico Carofiglio

The Past Is a Foreign Country

Suzanne Carreiro

The Dog Who Ate the Truffle

Justin Cartwright

The Promise of Happiness

Andy Case

Beautiful Pigs

Joy Castro

Hell or High Water; Nearer Home

Thomas B. Cavanagh

Head Games; Prodigal Son

Steph Cha

Follow Her Home; Beware Beware

Lincoln Chafee

Against the Tide

May-lee Chai

The Girl from Purple Mountain

Winberg Chai

The Girl from Purple Mountain

Sarah Challis

Blackthorn Winter; Turning for Home

Roy Chaney

The Ragged End of Nowhere

Leonard Chang

Fade to Clear; Underkill

Art Chansky

Blue Blood; Light Blue Reign

Joelle Charbonneau

Skating Around the Law; Skating Over the Line; Skating on the Edge; Skating Under the Wire

James Charlton

The Military Quotation Book

David Charters

Trust Me, I'm a Banker; The Insiders

Ella March Chase

The Queen's Dwarf

Bill Chastain

Payne at Pinehurst

Michael Checchio

Sundown Legends; Mist on the River

Anna Cheska

Love-40; Drop Dead Gorgeous

T. Mike Childs

The Rocklopedia Fakebandica

Sanjiv Chopra

Live Better, Live Longer; Doctor Chopra Says; Leadership by Example; Is Wine the Best Medicine?

Ron Christie

Acting White; Blackwards

James Church

A Corpse in the Koryo; Hidden Moon; Bamboo and Blood; A Drop of Chinese Blood

Vincent "Buddy" Cianci Jr.

Politics and Pasta

Bobby Clampett

The Impact Zone

Gillian Clark

Out of the Frying Pan

Richard A. Clarke

Sting of the Drone

Ann Cleeves

Raven Black; White Nights; Red Bones; Blue Lightning

Blaize Clement

Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter; Cat Sitter on a Hot Tin Roof; Raining Cat Sitters and Dogs; Duplicity Dogged the Dachshund

John Clement

The Cat Sitter's Cradle; The Cat Sitter's Nine Lives

Eleanor Clift

Selecting a President

Enrique Clio

The Faraway War

Marvin Close

More Than Just a Game

Johnnie Cochran

A Lawyer's Life

Michael Codella


Brian Cogan, Ph.D.

Everything I Ever Needed to Know About _____* I Learned from Monty Python

Julian Cole

The Amateur Historian; Felicity's Gate

N. D. Coleridge

The Adventuress

Nicholas Coleridge

A Much Married Man; Godchildren; Pride and Avarice; The Adventuress

Iris Collier

Day of Wrath

Phil Collins


A. J. Colucci

The Colony; Seeders

Joe Conason

The Hunting of the President; It Can Happen Here

James A. Conrad

Making Love to the Minor Poets of Chicago

Richard Timothy Conroy

Our Man in Vienna

Tom Corcoran

Bone Island Mambo; Gumbo Limbo; Air Dance Iguana; Octopus Alibi

Elizabeth Corley

Fatal Legacy; Requiem Mass; Grave Doubts

David Corn

Deep Background

Gordon Corrigan

The Second World War

Matthew Costello

Vacation; Day One; Home; Star Road

Bruce R. Coston, D.V.M.

Ask the Animals; The Gift of Pets

F. G. Cottam

The House of Lost Souls; Dark Echo; The Magdalena Curse

Con Coughlin

Churchill's First War

William J. Coughlin

Death Penalty; Proof of Intent; The Judgment; The Stalking Man

Christopher R. Cox

A Good Death; Chasing the Dragon

Peter Cox

You Don't Need Meat

John Coyne

The Caddie Who Knew Ben Hogan; The Caddie Who Played with Hickory

Richard Edward Crabbe

Suspension; The Empire of Shadows; Hell's Gate

Bill Crider

A Romantic Way to Die; A Knife in the Back; Red, White, and Blue Murder; A Bond with Death

Brian Crosby

Smart Kids, Bad Schools

Julie Cross

Timestorm; Tempest; Tomorrow Is Today; Vortex

Tim Crothers

The Man Watching

Bunny Crumpacker

Perfect Figures; The Sex Life of Food; How to Slice an Onion

Clare Curzon

Don't Leave Me; The Body of a Woman; A Meeting of Minds; Last to Leave