All Authors : SMP -Thomas Dunne

Barbara Nadel

The Ottoman Cage; Belshazzar's Daughter

Ralph Nader

Crashing the Party

Eva Nagorski

The Down and Dirty Dish on Revenge

David Nather

Getting It Done; The New Health Care System: Everything You Need to Know

Ph.D. Jonathan Neale

Tigers of the Snow

Melany Neilson

The Persia Cafe

James L. Nelson

With Fire and Sword

Rick Nelson

Bound by Blood

Tom Nesi

Poison Pills

Michael Nethercott

The Seance Society; The Haunting Ballad; O'Nelligan and the Perfect Game

Tim Newark

Boardwalk Gangster; The Fighting Irish

Dr. Stephanie Newman

Mad Men on the Couch

Michael Newton

Savage Girls and Wild Boys; Kind Hearts and Coronets

John Nichol

Tail-End Charlies

Greg Nichols

Striking Gridiron

Chris Nickson

Ewan McGregor; David Boreanaz; Denzel Washington; Lauryn Hill

Shane Niemeyer

The Hurt Artist

Andrew Nugent

Second Burial for a Black Prince; Soul Murder; The Four Courts Murder

Susan Nusser

Kentucky Derby Dreams

Eric Nuzum

The Dead Travel Fast