All Authors : SMP -Thomas Dunne

Margot Wadley

The Gripping Beast

Fred Waitzkin

The Dream Merchant

Dr. Murray Waldman

Dying for a Hamburger

Scott Walker

The Edge of Terror

Alan Wall

The School of Night; The Lightning Cage

Anthony Wall

In My Life

Dennis M. Walsh

Nobody Walks

Mikey Walsh

Gypsy Boy; Gypsy Boy on the Run

Richard Walter

Escape from Film School

Michelle Wan

A Twist of Orchids

Mark Daniel Ward

Virtual Organisms

Peter Warner

The Mole: The Cold War Memoir of Winston Bates

George R.R. Washington

A Game of Groans

Salim Washington

Clawing at the Limits of Cool

W. Marvin Watson

Chief of Staff

Ben J. Wattenberg

Fighting Words

Ashley Weaver

Murder at the Brightwell

Kris Webb

From Here to Maternity

Michael L. Weinstein

With God on Our Side

Charlene Weir

Murder Take Two; Up in Smoke; Edge of Midnight; The Winter Widow

Dr. Jeffrey Weisberg M.D.

Safe Medicine For Sober People

Alan Weisman

The World Without Us

Bryant Welch

State of Confusion

Dr. Leana Wen

When Doctors Don't Listen

Ty Wenzel

Behind Bars

Rep. Robert Wexler

Fire-Breathing Liberal

Merry Whiteford

If Wishes Were Horses

Chuck Whitlock

Police Heroes

Monica Whitlock

Land Beyond the River

Ellis Whitman


P. L. Whitney

This Is Graceanne's Book

Madeleine Wickham

Cocktails for Three; The Gatecrasher; Sleeping Arrangements; A Desirable Residence

Robert K. Wilcox

First Blue; Black Aces High

Lyn Webster Wilde

On the Trail of the Women Warriors

Michelle Wildgen

You're Not You; But Not for Long

Michael Wiley

Romantic Migrations; The Bad Kitty Lounge; A Bad Night's Sleep

Jincy Willett

Jenny and the Jaws of Life; Winner of the National Book Award; The Writing Class; Amy Falls Down

Marcia Willett

A Week in Winter; First Friends; A Friend of the Family; Second Time Around

Adam Williams

The Palace of Heavenly Pleasure

Gerard Williams

Dr. Mortimer and the Aldgate Mystery

Lynn Chandler Willis

Wink of an Eye

Bee Wilson

The Hive

Doug Wilson

Brooks: The Biography of Brooks Robinson; The Bird: The Life and Legacy of Mark Fidrych

John K. Wilson

The Most Dangerous Man in America

Kathy Wilson

From Here to Maternity

Laura Wilson

An Empty Death; The Innocent Spy

Darryl Wimberley

Dead Man's Bay; Devil's Slew; Pepperfish Keys; Strawman's Hammock

Christopher Winn

I Never Knew that About Ireland; I Never Knew That About the Irish; I Never Knew That About London

Charles Wohlforth

The Whale and the Supercomputer; The Fate of Nature

Stacey Wolf

Never Throw Rice at a Pisces

David Wong

John Dies at the End; This Book Is Full of Spiders

Sung J. Woo

Everything Asian

Virginia Woof

Dogs Who Smile

Marilyn Wooley

Jackpot Justice

Eric Wright

Death on the Rocks; Death of a Hired Man; The Last Hand