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Ofir Touché Gafla

The World of the End

David Gaider

Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne; Dragon Age: The Calling; Dragon Age: Asunder

Gina Gallo

Armed and Dangerous

Edward Gan

The Outcast Vol 1; Avalon: The Warlock Diaries vol. 1

Theo Gangi

First Thrills; First Thrills: Volume 3

Joseph R. Gannascoli

A Meal to Die For

R. Garcia y Robertson

White Rose; Firebird; Knight Errant; Lady Robyn

Craig Shaw Gardner

The Cylons' Secret; Battlestar Galactica Trilogy

James Alan Gardner

A Clean Sweep With All the Trimmings; Some of the Best from 2011 Edition

Brian Garfield


Richard Garfinkle

Celestial Matters; All of an Instant

Kathleen O'Neal Gear

People of the Mist; People of the Masks; People of the River; People of the Earth

W. Michael Gear

People of the Mist; Coyote Summer; People of the Masks; Big Horn Legacy

Henry Gee

Nature Futures; Nature Futures 2

Rip Gerber

First Thrills; First Thrills: Volume 1

David Gerrold

The Martian Child; Leaping To The Stars

Julia Mary Gibson

Copper Magic

Felix Gilman

The Half-Made World; The Rise of Ransom City; Lightbringers and Rainmakers; The Revolutions

Marie Giordano

I Love You Like a Tomato

Girls Und Panzer Projekt

Girls Und Panzer, vol. 1; Girls Und Panzer, vol. 2

Max Gladstone

Three Parts Dead; Two Serpents Rise; Full Fathom Five; The Angelus Guns

Robert Gleason

Aztec Rage; Aztec Fire; The 2012 Codex; Apocalypse 2012

Molly Gloss

The Dazzle of Day

Jonathan Goff

Halo: Evolutions

Mary Elizabeth Goldman

To Love and Die in Dallas

Lisa Goldstein

Dark Cities Underground; The Red Magician; The Alchemist's Door

Andrew Goliszek

In the Name of Science; World Order

Tony Gonzales

EVE: The Empyrean Age; EVE: Templar One

Terry Goodkind

Soul of the Fire; Wizard's First Rule; Stone of Tears; Blood of the Fold

Kathleen Ann Goonan

Queen City Jazz; This Shared Dream; In War Times; The Anderson Project

Liz Gorinsky

Some of the Best from 2011 Edition; Some of the Best from 2012 Edition

Ed Gorman

The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories: 1; The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories: 3; The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories: 5; The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories: 4

Phyllis Gotlieb

Mindworlds; Flesh And Gold

Steven Gould

Reflex; Jumper; Jumper: Griffin's Story; Impulse

Kevin Grace

Halo: Evolutions

Joan Grady-Fitchett

Flying Lessons

Heather Graham

First Thrills; First Thrills: Volume 2

Holter Graham

One L; Fade; Alibi; The Art of Friendship

Mitchell Graham

Majestic Descending; Dead Docket

Ulysses S. Grant

The Civil War Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant

Alan Gratz

The League of Seven

Renee Graziano

Playing with Fire

Andrew M. Greeley

Irish Whiskey; Younger Than Springtime; Summer at the Lake; Irish Gold

Gordon W. Green

How to Get Straight A's In School and Have Fun at the Same Time; Making Your Education Work For You

Terence M. Green

Blue Limbo

Martin H. Greenberg

After the King; Lovecraft's Legacy; The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories: 5; The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories: 4

Ed Greenwood

The Kingless Land; A Dragon's Ascension; The Vacant Throne; Dark Vengeance

Daryl Gregory


Zane Grey

The Last Trail; Riders of the Purple Sage; The Spirit of the Border; Betty Zane

Nicola Griffith

Hild; Cold Wind

Linda Grimes

In a Fix; Quick Fix

Gris Grimly

The Cockatrice Boys

Jim Grimsley

The Last Green Tree; The Ordinary

William Groneman

David Crockett

Jeff Grubb

We Three Dragons

Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Talking to the Dead

Eileen Gunn

Zeppelin City; Steampunk Quartet; The Trains That Climb the Winter Tree

James Gunn

Reading Science Fiction; Transcendental

Jeff Gurner

The Zero Hour; Rogue; Brotherhood; The Art of Rendition

Leonard F. Guttridge

Our Country, Right or Wrong