All Authors : Tor-Forge

Alexander Jablokov

Brain Thief

D. B. Jackson

A Plunder of Souls; A Spell of Vengeance; The Price of Doing Business; Thieftaker

Shirley Jackson

The Dark Descent; The Lottery and Other Stories; The Magic of Shirley Jackson

Marc Jaffe

Best Stories of the American West, Volume I

John Jakes

A Century of Great Western Stories

Marie Jakober

Only Call Us Faithful; Sons of Liberty

Henry James

English Hours; Selected Letters of Henry James; The Turn of the Screw

Marianna Jameson

Category 7; Dry Ice; Frozen Fire

Matthew Jarpe

Radio Freefall

Gary Jennings

Apocalypse 2012; Aztec; Aztec Autumn; Aztec Blood

Phillip Jennings

Goodbye Mexico; Nam-A-Rama

Hey-Jin Jeon

Lizzie Newton: Victorian Mysteries Vol. 1; Lizzie Newton: Victorian Mysteries Vol. 2

Wolfgang Jeschke

The Cusanus Game

K. W. Jeter

Death's Apprentice; Fiendish Schemes

Steven John

Three A.M.

Cooper Johnson

Mr. Grieves Vol 1

Kenneth Johnson

V: The Original Miniseries; V: The Second Generation

Kij Johnson

Fudoki; Ponies; The Cat Who Walked a Thousand Miles; The Fox Woman

Suzanne Johnson

Elysian Fields; River Road; Royal Street

Aaron Johnston

Earth Afire; Earth Awakens; Earth Unaware; Invasive Procedures

Diana Wynne Jones

Deep Secret; Fantasy Stories; Spellbound

J. V. Jones

A Cavern of Black Ice; A Fortress of Grey Ice; A Sword from Red Ice; Watcher of the Dead

Marcia Thornton Jones

Keyholders #1: This Side of Magic; Keyholders #2: The Other Side of Magic; Keyholders #3: Inside the Magic; Keyholders #4: The Wrong Side of Magic

Robert Jordan

A Crown of Swords; A Memory of Light; By Grace and Banners Fallen: Prologue to A Memory of Light; Cheyenne Raiders