All Authors : Tor-Forge

Lynn Abbey

Thieves' World: First Blood; Rifkind's Challenge; Thieves' World: Turning Points; Sanctuary

Daniel Abraham

A Shadow in Summer; A Betrayal in Winter; The Price of Spring; Shadow and Betrayal

Marta Acosta

Dark Companion

C. T. Adams

Moon's Web; Moon's Fury; Captive Moon; Hunter's Moon

Cat Adams

Magic's Design; Blood Song; Siren Song; Demon Song

John Joseph Adams

The Mad Scientist's Guide to World Domination

Katherine Addison

The Goblin Emperor

Ann Aguirre

Enclave; Outpost; Horde; Mortal Danger

Yu Aida

Gunslinger Girl Omnibus 1; Gunslinger Girl Omnibus 2; Gunslinger Girl Omnibus 4; Gunslinger Girl Omnibus 3

Joan Aiken

The Way to Write for Children; Jane Fairfax; The Shadow Guests; The Whispering Mountain

Satoru Akahori

Kashimashi Vol 5; Kashimashi Vol 1; Kashimashi Vol 2; Kashimashi Vol 3

Douglas Alan

Circle of Lies

Gennifer Albin

Altered; Unraveled; Modified; Crewel: Chapters 1-5

Louisa May Alcott

Little Women

Buzz Aldrin

The Return

Karl Alexander

Time After Time; Papa and Fidel; Jaclyn the Ripper

Aaron Allston

Terminator 3: Terminator Dreams; Terminator 3: Terminator Hunt

Steve Alten

Resurrection; Domain; Goliath; MEG: Primal Waters

Roland Amago

Moonlight Meow Vol 1

Charlie Jane Anders

The Fermi Paradox is Our Business Model; Six Months, Three Days; Some of the Best from 2011 Edition; Intestate

B. kent Anderson

Cold Glory; Silver Cross

Kevin J. Anderson

Dune: The Battle of Corrin; Dune: The Machine Crusade; Dune: The Butlerian Jihad; Dune: Whipping Mek

Poul Anderson

The Fleet of Stars; For Love and Glory; The Boat of A Million Years; Genesis

Piers Anthony

Heaven Cent; Xone of Contention; Harpy Thyme; Roc and a Hard Place

Mamizu Arisawa

Inukami! Vol 1; Inukami! Vol 2; Inukami! Vol 3; Inukami! Omnibus 1

Ark Performance

Arpeggio of Blue Steel, vol. 1; Arpeggio of Blue Steel Vol. 2

Mindee Arnett

The Nightmare Affair; The Nightmare Dilemma

Adam Arnold

Aoi House Omnibus 1; Aoi House In Love Vol 2: Happy Endings; Aoi House Omnibus 2; Aoi House In Love Vol 1

Ralph Arnote

Fast Lane; A Rage In Paradise; Fallen Idols; Evil's Fancy

Wayne Arthurson

Fall from Grace; A Killing Winter

Sai Asai

Alice in the Country of Clover: Knight's Knowledge Vol. 1; Alice in the Country of Clover: Knight's Knowledge Vol. 2

Hajime Asano

Mayo Chiki! Vol. 1; Mayo Chiki! Vol. 2; Mayo Chiki! Vol. 3; Mayo Chiki! Vol. 4

Catherine Asaro

Catch The Lightning; The Moon's Shadow; Skyfall; Spherical Harmonic

Neal Asher

Gridlinked; The Skinner; Cowl; Brass Man

Claire Ashgrove

Immortal Hope; Immortal Trust; Immortal Surrender; Immortal Protector

Isaac Asimov

The End of Eternity; The Currents of Space; The Stars, Like Dust; Pebble in the Sky

Robert Lynn Asprin

Thieves' World: First Blood

Jane Austen

Sense and Sensibility; Pride and Prejudice; Emma

A. J. Austin

To Fear The Light

Claire Avery

Hidden Wives

Jared Axelrod

The Battle of Blood and Ink