The Thirteenth A Vampire Huntress Legend

Vampire Huntress Legends

L. A. Banks

St. Martin's Griffin



Trade Paperback

304 Pages


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In the final story in the cult favorite Vampire Huntress series, the entire Neteru Guardian team is on the run, having now been labeled as America's most-wanted terrorists following the gruesome demon battle that felled the Washington Monument and crashed the front doors of the White House. The Anti-Christ is positioned for emergence, the powers of darkness have released the pale horse of the apocalypse, and half the Neteru team is pregnant. Plagues from hell that ravage the country are being cited as stemming from bio-terrorism. The nation is under martial law. The Neterus and their team are underground. If things weren't bad enough the Dark Realm breaks the sixth Biblical seal, which plunges the world into perpetual darkness . . . and irrevocably into the Armageddon.


Praise for The Thirteenth

"Wow! As usual, Banks blows your mind. This book is exciting from the first page, as all hell has broken loose in the conclusion to the Vampire Huntress series. World religions, vampiric lore and myths come into play, and overlying it all is a wonderful spirituality, as people of different cultures join forces to fight a pervasive evil. This powerful story makes you watch current events and wonder."—Romantic Times

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Chapter 1



            Damali rolled up her jeans legs, absently ran her fingers over the stones in her silver divining necklace as she gripped it tightly in her left hand, then opened the deck doors and walked barefoot out toward the deserted beach.  Even with a lightweight, white tank top on, the early morning sun beat down hot rays on her scalp, face, and shoulders.  She squinted toward the beach and lifted her dread locks up higher in a ponytail scrunchie, searching for Carlos, then let out a

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  • L. A. Banks

  • L. A. Banks is the bestselling author of the Vampire Huntress Legends series and the Crimson Moon novels. She has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and a master’s in fine arts from Temple University. Banks considers herself a shape-shifter. She has written romance, women's fiction, crime and suspense, and, of course, dark vampire huntress lore. She lives with her daughter and her dog in an undisclosed lair somewhere in Philadelphia.

  • L. A. Banks
    L. A. Banks