The Furies Book Three of 'The Holdfast Chronicles'

Holdfast Chronicles

Suzy McKee Charnas

Orb Books



Trade Paperback

384 Pages


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The Furies is the third book in the four-volume Holdfast Chronicles, a series of novels celebrated by feminists and science-fiction enthusiasts alike.

Alldera the Messenger was a slave to the Holdfast, where women are not women but fems, and all fems are the slaves of men. As Alldera the Runner, she escaped across the mountains to the grassy plains of the Riding Women (where men are unknown, except as a shadowy threat in the foothills).

Now, the Free Fems are coming back over the mountains to reclaim the Holdfast. And Alldera the Conqueror, leading this army, must faces new and frightful challenges on all sides. Eventually, Alldera discovers that—especially in war—friends can become enemies, and vice versa.


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A Maiden Raid
Four Women on foot and lightly laden hid in a dusty dip where sharu came at another season to roll. The Women watched Red Sand Camp, whispering scurrilous comments to each other about the activities of the inhabitants.
Sheel could hardly believe their good fortune. In addition to the well-known raiding and hunting mounts they had come for, a certain Hayscall Woman from Waterwall Camp was visiting. She had brought with her a famous racehorse with which the Hayscalls and their relatives had been making themselves rich in winnings this past year.
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