A Feast in Exile A Novel of the Count Saint-Germain

St. Germain

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Tor Books



Trade Paperback

496 Pages



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A Feast in Exile is another historical novel in Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's popular series focusing on the vampire Saint-Germain. The book draws readers back to the time when the Mongol hordes of Timur-i (known in the West as Tamerlane) swept across 14th-century India and Asia.

Delhi's civilized veneer crumbles along with its very walls in the wake of Timur-i's terror. Foreigners, including Saint-Germain—who is here called Sanat Ji Mani—lose their positions, homes, wealth, and sometimes their lives, if they cannot escape the falling city. But before he can flee Delhi, Sanat Ji Mani must ensure the safety of Avasa Dani, his beautiful ward, who has been abandoned by her husband. Sanat Ji Mani's love has awakened Avasa Dani's every sense; even though she will become a vampire upon her death, but she finds no terror in this fate.

Avasa Dani and Rojire, Sanat Ji Mani's servant, successfully make their way out of Delhi, but Sanat Ji Mani himself is trapped. His life is bought (and saved) by his skills with medicine, but he is eventually forced to travel—by day, and exposed to the sun—with Timur-i's army. Crippled and unable to escape, the vampire is certain that his true nature will soon be revealed. How will he escape? Or can he even survive?


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"Yarbro's Saint-Germain novels are probably the best series of vampire novels ever written."—The Hartford Courant

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Along the backs of the bazaar stalls people gathered in knots to exchange the rumors they had heard during the day's buying and selling; it was late on an overcast, sultry afternoon that had been filled with distant thunder, a sign many took as ominous, since it was known that Timur-i and his army were on the move, although no one knew where they would turn next. The still air was heavy with the odors of the bazaar--spices, food, animals, dung, incense, perfume, sweat, and dust--and the lingering oppression of the weather.
"Timur-i will attack us. The Armenian who brings
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  • Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

  • Born in Berkeley, California, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro has worked as a cartographer, has read tarot cards and palms, and has composed music (all of which she continues to do). Her other books include Hotel Transylvania, Crusader's Torch, and The Palace.
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