Because They Hate A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America

Brigitte Gabriel

St. Martin's Griffin



Trade Paperback

288 Pages



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Brigitte Gabriel was ten years old and living in Southern Lebanon when civil war broke out in her country. For seven years, Brigitte and her parents lived in an underground bomb shelter without running water or electricity. They had very little food; at times they were reduced to boiling grass to survive. Gabriel identifies the Lebanese Civil War as the first front in what she sees as a worldwide jihad of fundamentalist Islam against non-Muslim peoples.

Because They Hate is intended as a political wake-up call told through the frame of Gabriel's memoir. According to Gabriel, the United States is threatened by radical fundamentalist Islamic theology. Gabriel sees in the West a lack of understanding as well as an ignorance of the ways and thinking of the Middle East. She also suggests that the West has underestimated the single-mindedness with which fundamentalist Islam has pursued its goals over the past thirty years. Articulate and passionately committed, Gabriel tells her own story alongside the history, social movements, and religious divisions that have led to this critical historical conflict.


Praise for Because They Hate

"Brigitte Gabriel eloquently reminds America what is truly at stake in this struggle against terrorism: our families, our way of life, and our hopes. Ms. Gabriel's personal account of her own experience is riveting, compelling and spellbinding. This is a must read for the entire American public . . . This book contains monumental revelations that will shock and disturb you. But it is also a story of an indomitable spirit—Brigitte's—that will move you."—Steve Emerson, author of American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Amongst Us, Executive Director, the Investigative Project on Terrorism
"Brigitte Gabriel's story is at once intensely personal and possessing global significance . . . the story of her family and her childhood encapsulates the threat that faces the entire free world today. Brigitte Gabriel's words should be read, and studied carefully, by all the law enforcement and government officials of the West."—Robert Spencer, author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)

"Because They Hate should be read by all to understand radical Islam . . . This book gives dire warning of what is to come if the democratic and Western world does not take responsible action to protect its people and societies."—Paul E. Vallely, Maj. General US Army (Ret.), FOX News Channel Military Analyst, and coauthor of Endgame: The Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror

"With strident confidence, American Congress for Truth founder Gabriel rebukes the American public for being "weak, asleep or careless" in the face of Muslim terrorism."—Publishers Weekly

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  • Because They Hate by Brigitte Gabriel--Audiobook Excerpt

    Listen to this audiobook excerpt from Brigitte Gabriel's book Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America. Brigitte Gabriel lost her childhood to militant Islam. In 1975 she was ten years old and living in Southern Lebanon when militant Muslims from throughout the Middle East poured into her country and declared jihad against the Lebanese Christians, which became the first front in a worldwide jihad of fundamentalist Islam against non-Muslim peoples



  • Brigitte Gabriel

  • Brigitte Gabriel is a US-based journalist and news producer who started her career as an anchor for World News, an evening Arabic news program. As a terrorism expert and the founder of the nonprofit organization ACT! for America, Brigitte Gabriel travels widely and speaks regularly on topics related to the Middle East. She has addressed audiences at the FBI, the United States Special Operations Command, the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, and the Joint Forces Staff College, among others.

  • Brigitte Gabriel
    Brigitte Gabriel


    Brigitte Gabriel

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