Beyond Oil The View from Hubbert's Peak

Kenneth S. Deffeyes

Hill and Wang



Trade Paperback

224 Pages



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With world oil production about to peak and inexorably headed toward steep decline, what fuels are available to meet rising global energy demands? That question has become ever more urgent as public attention to the imminent exhaustion of the economically vital world oil reserves has increased. Kenneth S. Deffeyes, a geologist who was among the first to warn of the coming oil crisis, now takes the next logical step and turns his attention to the earth’s supply of potential replacement fuels. In Beyond Oil, he traces out their likely production futures, with special reference to that of oil, using the same analytic tools developed by his former colleague, the pioneering petroleum-supply authority M. King Hubbert. An acknowledged expert in the field, Deffeyes brings a deeply informed yet optimistic approach to bear on the growing debate. His main concern is not our long-term adaptation to a world beyond oil but our immediate future: "Through our inattention, we have wasted the years that we might have used to prepare for lessened oil supplies. The next ten years are critical."


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Why Look Beyond Oil?

The supply of oil in the ground is not infinite. Someday, annual world crude oil production has to reach a peak and start to decline. It is my opinion that the peak will occur in late 2005 or in the first few months of 2006. I nominate Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2005, as World Oil Peak Day. There is a reason for selecting Thanksgiving. We can pause and give thanks for the years from 1901 to 2005 when abundant oil and natural gas fueled enormous changes in our society. At the same time, we have to face up to reality: World oil production is going to decline,

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