Burton on Burton, 2nd Revised Edition

Tim Burton; Edited by Mark Salisbury; Foreword by Johnny Depp

Farrar, Straus and Giroux



Trade Paperback

320 Pages


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Tim Burton has established himself over the last several years as one of the great visionaries of contemporary film. With the Batman movies, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Ed Wood, and Sleepy Hollow, he has continually broken new ground both visually and thematically, exploring the dark anguish—and the dark humor—that animates many of his characters while also creating a densely textured, sometimes bizarre look specific to each film.

In Burton on Burton, he talks to Mark Salisbury about his training as an animator at Disney, the importance of design in his films, and the recurring themes present in his work. This updated and new edition of the Burton interview follows the release of Corpse Bride, and his re-imagining of Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with long-time comrade Johnny Depp (who also provides a new foreword here). Enhanced by stills from the films, storyboards, and illustrations of set designs for all his major films, Burton on Burton provides insights and information about the man and his work, throwing light on both his unique artistic vision and the extraordinary films that have resulted from it.


Praise for Burton on Burton, 2nd Revised Edition

"[Burton] is, to me, a true genius and I wouldn't use that word with too many people, believe me. You can't label what he does. It's not magic, because that would imply some sort of trickery. It's not just skill, because that seems like it's learned. What he has is a very special gift that we don't see every day. It's not enough to call him a filmmaker. The rare title of 'genius' is a better fit—in not just film but drawings, photographs, thought, insight, and ideas . . . I have never seen someone so obviously out of place fit right in."—Johnny Depp, from the Foreword

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