Classics Illustrated #11: The Devil's Dictionary The Devil's Dictionary

Classics Illustrated Graphic Novels

Ambrose Bierce; Adapted and Illustrated by Gahan Wilson





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Ambrose Bierce's 1911 satire is blended with the surreal and macabre art of Gahan Wilson, creating a funny yet poignant comics adaptation. Switching seamlessly from illustration to full comic panels and back again, Wilson brings his signature dark humor to Bierce's work. "The Devil's Dictionary" is still popular to this day, and has spawned numerous imitations, most recently "The Computer Contradictionary" making it a perfect selection for "Classics Illustrated."


Praise for Classics Illustrated #11: The Devil's Dictionary

Praise for Classics Illustrated

"Children are more ruthless about what they consider entertaining. They don't love books because they think they should. They love stories that deliver, and Classics Illustrated always had the goods. Looks like it still does."—Newsweek

"Congress should create an amendment that demands every single school in America place Classics Illustrated in their curriculum."—Diamond Galleries Scoop

"For those who may have grown up with the original Classics Illustrated, Papercutz's decision to resurrect the series will be welcome news."—Omnivoracious

"The remarkably detailed color illustrations open passages that words alone cannot convey. Recommended."—Library Media Connection

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  • Ambrose Bierce; Adapted and Illustrated by Gahan Wilson

  • Gahan Wilson needs no introduction. He is one of the foremost illustrators and cartoonists of our time well known for his penchant for horror. His work has been seen previously in Classics Illustrated #4 "The Raven and Other Poems," one of the most popular volumes of Classics Illustrated from Papercutz.