Classics Illustrated Deluxe #1: The Wind in the Willows

Classics Illustrated Deluxe Graphic Nove

Kenneth Grahame; Adapted and Illustrated by Michel Plessix





144 Pages



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Winner of the Parents' Choice Gold Award

The first volume of the new Classics Illustrated Delux series presents graphic novelist Michel Plessix's lush adaptation of "The Wind in the Willows" by Kenneth Grahame. The artwork is in aquarelle, with thin, precise, detailed lines. In Wind in the Willows, Plessix breathes life into Mole, Rat, and Toad (of Toad Hall) as they picnic on the riverbank, indulge in Toad's latest fad, and get lost in Wild Wood. The pacing is masterful: each panel lingers just long enough to make you appreciate the simple pleasures of life.


Praise for Classics Illustrated Deluxe #1: The Wind in the Willows

"Every frame is drawn and colored with meticulous care. Every elegant page is composed with a dual purpose: to enchant the eye and to further the various narratives that make up the loose plot. Plessix knows how to advance and retard the story's pace. He knows just when to zoom in and when to pull back for a wide shot. The new illustrated version prompted a vivid memory of many long hours spent lying on my bed, spellbound by the adventures of D'Artagnan and Ahab and John Silver. Plessix's The Wind in the Willows is a book to get lost in—and ‘lost in' implies, if not a completely differently world, then at least a place as alien as it is beguiling."—Malcolm Jones, Newsweek

"A massive triumph. If the series goes on to be half this good consistently, it will be absolutely wonderful."—ComicMix

"The remarkably detailed color illustrations open passages that words alone cannot convey."—Library Media Connection

"Readers unfamiliar with the tale will be treated to energetic, colorful depictions of friendly Ratty, kind-hearted Mole, wild Mr. Toad, and others as they learn the importance of friendship in an ever-changing world."—Booklist

"Adds dramatic flair to the beloved story."—Publishers Weekly

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  • Kenneth Grahame; Adapted and Illustrated by Michel Plessix

  • French artist Michel Plessix was born in 1959 in Saint Malo, on the coast of Brittany, where he grew up. He now resides in Rennes, not too far away. He first became famous in Europe with the 4-album series Julien Boisvert, featuring a modern-day Tintin, which received numerous awards and accolades. Starting in 1995, he embarked on this delightful 4-part adaptation of the Grahame classic for which he has had a fascination for a long time, extending his palette for the occasion to the rich and remarkable use of aquarelle.