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About two out of three high-school graduates enroll at one of America's 4,000 colleges or universities within a year of graduation. But even though college enrollment has increased over the past few decades, college completion rates have fallen. How do so many talented and promising students get derailed along the way? This book examines the financial and social roadblocks as well as the level of college-prep readiness that can affect learning and ultimately graduation rates. In light of the staggering differences that characterize American higher education and a student body with diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, College Success provides a guide to promoting truly effective teaching and redefining success in a way that makes sense in today's heterogeneous world.


Praise for College Success

"The College Board has done the educational community a great service by publishing this excellently chosen set of essays that focuses primarily on what happens to students after they enter college. Many of us have felt for some time that too much emphasis is often placed on who gets into college rather than on success in college. McPherson and Schapiro provide a valuable guide to the contents in their introduction, and readers will have no difficulty identifying the essays of particular interest to them."—William Bowen, President Emeritus, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

"Across higher education, student success has become a central focus, including at community colleges, which traditionally emphasize access. Within an alarming context of declining graduation rates and sustained achievement disparities across income and ethnic groups, the essays in College Success analyze a variety of issues that impact institutional effectiveness, including high school preparation and early information, student financial assistance and merit aid, education program structure, and student goals. They also tackle the complex meaning of success itself. College Success highlights key areas in which colleges may look to improve, and will be of interest and benefit to all who read it."—David Blaime, American Association of Community Colleges

"At a time when many question why education research has so little influence on policy and practice, it is refreshing to read College Success: What It Means and How to Make It Happen. This book isn't meant to sit on a shelf. It will be useful and influential in setting the agenda for policy and practice in higher education for years to come."—Lynn Huntley, President, The Southern Education Foundation

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