Commanding Voices of Blue & Gray General William T. Sherman, General George Custer, General James Longstreet, & Major J.S. Mosby, Among Others, in Their Own Words

Edited by Brian M. Thomsen

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384 Pages



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The agony and anguish of the War Between that States affected all aspects of American life. Many quarters suffered, but one in particular seemed to prosper in the postwar aftermath; the publishing industry. Though the success of Personal Memoirs by Ulysses S. Grant (as published by Mark Twain) is a clear milestone in publishing's history of bestsellers, it was only one of many highly successful Civil War memoirs penned and published by veterans in the postwar years.

Drawing on the best of these accounts, most of them long out of print, Commanding Voices of Blue & Gray presents in a single volume the personal words of these leaders and provides an overview of the command experience in the Civil War.

Commanding Voices of Blue & Gray includes memoirs reminiscences, and addresses from the following: Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, George Armstrong Custer, and Lee Wallace, among others.


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From the Message to Congress in Special Session
July 4, 1861
Fellow Citizens of the Senate and House of Representatives: Having been convened on an extraordinary occasion, as authorized by the Constitution, your attention is not called to any ordinary subject of legislation.
At the beginning of the present presidential term, four months ago, the functions of the Federal Government were found to be generally suspended within the several States of South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida, excepting
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  • Edited by Brian M. Thomsen

  • Brian M. Thomsen is the editor of Shadows of Blue & Gray: The Civil War Writings of Ambrose Bierce, Alternate Gettyburgs, and The American Fantasy Tradition. He lives in Brooklyn.