Dom Casmurro A Novel

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Machado de Assis; Translated from the Portuguese by Helen Caldwell

Farrar, Straus and Giroux



Trade Paperback

288 Pages



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Bento Santiago, the wildly unreliable narrator of Dom Casmurro, believes that he has been cuckolded—he suspects that his wife has cheated on him with his best friend and that her child is not his. Has Capitú, his love since childhood, really been unfaithful to him? Or is the evidence of her betrayal merely the product of a paranoid mind? First published in 1900, Dom Casmurro, widely considered Machado de Assis's greatest novel and a classic of Brazilian literature, is a brilliant retelling of the classic adultery tale—a sad and darkly comic novel about love and the corrosive power of jealousy.


Praise for Dom Casmurro

"Machado retrieves from Cervantes the origins of the novel as illusion, play, ambiguity and adventure."—K. David Jackson, The New York Times Book Review

"I am astonished that a writer of such greatness does not yet occupy the place he deserves."—Susan Sontag

"[Marchado de Assis] is a great ironist, a tragic comedian. In his books, in their most comic moments, he underlines the suffering by making us laugh."—Philip Roth

"Marchado de Assis is a kind of miracle."—Harold Bloom

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