Fight Global Warming Now The Handbook for Taking Action in Your Community

Bill McKibben

St. Martin's Griffin



Trade Paperback

224 Pages



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The escalating symptoms of global warming are startling: Hurricane Katrina, a rapidly disappearing Artic, severe droughts and wildfires. Meanwhile, the leading expert at NASA warns that we have only ten years to reverse climate change, and the British government estimates that the financial impact will be greater than the Great Depression and both world wars—combined. It's no longer time to debate global warming, it's time to fight it.

Drawing on the experience of 1,400 Step It Up organizers in all fifty states, Bill McKibben—the author of The End of Nature and Deep Economy—and the Step It Up team explain how you can build the fight in your community, college, or place of worship. They describe how you can:

—jump-start volunteers with quick, ad hoc actions;—generate persuasive and meaningful political pressure;—plan creative events that draw media attention;—launch grassroots campaigns online; and —rally diverse groups that all have a stake in the crisis—whether they know it yet or not.

Fight Global Warming Now offers the tools, including accesible resources and stories from groups already in action, for your involvement in the mighty new movement that is confronting the most urgent challenge facing us today.

Introduction: Step It Up
Make It Credible
Make It Snappy
Make It Collaborative
Make It Meaningful
Make It Creative (and Fun!)
Make It Wired
Make It Seductive (to the Media)
Afterword: Make It Last


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It's easy to join the global warming movement. We know it's easy because we all just joined ourselves. None of us has spent long years as organizers. One of us has spent long years mostly as a writer with a little activism on...

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  • Bill McKibben

  • Bill McKibben is the author of ten books, including The End of Nature and Deep Economy. A former staff writer for The New Yorker, he writes regularly for Harper's Magazine and The Atlantic Monthly, among other publications.

    The Step It Up team are activists Phil Aroneanu, Will Bates, May Boeve, Jamie Henn, Jeremy Osborn, and Jon Warnow. Together, they have organized more than five hundred events to fight global warming.

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    Bill McKibben