Future Primitive The New Ecotopias

Edited by Kim Stanley Robinson

Tor Books



Trade Paperback

352 Pages



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Ernest Callenbach's classic environmental novel of the 1970s, Ecotopia, sparked a movement that is still growing around the world. Ecotopians embrace high technology as a tool for preserving and living gently within the natural environment of Planet Earth.

Acclaimed SF author Kim Stanley Robinson has gathered in this volume bright tales of various Ecotopian futures, as well as a few cautionary ones. Writers and poets, from Gary Snyder to Ursula K. LeGuin to Ernest Callenbach himself, have contributed their knowing visions. Other contributors include Pat Murphy, Paul Park, R. A. Lafferty, Rachel Pollack, Garry Kilworth, Robert Silverberg, Gene Wolfe, Howard Waldrop, Carol Emshwiller, Frederick Turner, and Robinson Jeffers.


Praise for Future Primitive

"Hugo and Nebula Award winner Robinson has compiled a potent mixture of prose and poetry to depict futures that reject the popular theory of a machine existence."—Publishers Weekly

"In the latest of his always-superb anthologies, Robinson judiciously assembles the best literary tributes to ecological awareness, thereby demonstrating how far science fiction has evolved beyond its preoccupation with sophisticated machinery . . . Welcome, consciousness-raising visions for our ecologically imperiled times."—Booklist

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  • Edited by Kim Stanley Robinson

  • Kim Stanley Robinson was born in 1952. A native Californian, he is the author of the Nebula Award-winning Red Mars and several other highly regarded SF novels, including his acclaimed Three Californias trilogy.

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