Henry Knox Visionary General of the American Revolution

Mark Puls

St. Martin's Griffin



Trade Paperback

288 Pages



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Mark Puls delivers a compelling portrait of the Revolutionary War general who played a key role in all of George Washington's battles. During the Siege of Boston, Henry Knox's amazing 300 mile transport of forty nine cannons from Ticonderoga saved the city. Building upon his talent for logistics, Knox engineered Washington's famous Christmas night passage to safety across the Delaware River. And it was the general's tactical successes that made the final victory at Yorktown possible. With riveting battle scenes, inspiring patriotism, and vivid prose, Puls breathes new life into the American Revolution and firmly re-establishes Knox in his deserved place in history.


Praise for Henry Knox

"Mark Puls gives us an action-packed account of Knox's life in uniform and in government service and provides a fitting portrait of one of America's greatest leaders. Truly this was an amazing man—a man to whom Americans owe a great debt for his willingness to forgo personal riches for the common good. It was a pleasure to experience this story of his remarkable life."—The Roanoke Times

"Great man though he was, George Washington did not win American independence by himself. Henry Knox, a self-taught artillery commander, was one of the the Revolution's great figures, and this book explains why we should know more about him. In the hands of Mark Puls, Knox and his beloved wife Lucy come to life in a way that reminds us of the debt we owe the men and women of the Founding generation. "—Terry Golway, author of Washington's General

"At last, Henry Knox has been discovered by a historian capable of appreciating his contributions as a soldier and statesmen, and who also, no small matter, can write. Knox's attempt to create a just policy toward Native Americans that avoided Indian removal is a poignant story worth the price of admission. This is unquestionably the authoritative biography."—Joseph Ellis, author of Founding Brothers and the forthcoming American Creation: Triumph and Tragedy at the Founding

"Bringing 18th Century America to life is no easy task, particularly when military leaders from the Revolutionary War are at center stage. In Henry Knox, General of the American Revolution, however, Mark Puls does that smoothly and even superbly, making the reader feel familiar and comfortable with all of them, particularly the hero. And hero he truly was, as Puls so well records. This is clearly a masterful work."—Tom Carhart author of Lost Triumph: Lee's Real Plan at Gettysburg -- and Why It Failed

"[A] brisk, informative biography . . . Puls's authoritative and absorbing account of Knox's life is a fitting tribute to General Washington's 'indispensable man.'"—Publishers Weekly

"Competent biography of Washington's talented young protégé, who commanded the artillery throughout the American Revolution and served as the nation's first Secretary of War...a solid résumé of everything anyone would want to know about this undeservedly neglected not-quite founding father."—Kirkus

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  • Mark Puls

  • Mark Puls is the author of Samuel Adams: Father of the American Revolution, winner of the Fraunces Tavern Museum Book Award, and co-author of Uncommon Valor: A Story of Race, Patriotism and Glory in the Final Battles of the Civil War with Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Melvin Claxton. Puls has worked as a journalist for The Detroit News. He lives in Hawntranck, MI.