Hood Rat A Novel


St. Martin's Griffin



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368 Pages



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Hood Rat (n.): A woman of questionable repute, one who has been known to "get around" in the 'hood. Yoshi is young, fine, and larcenous. She lives her life playing on men's hearts as well as their pockets. She learns the hard way that all that glitters isn't gold. Billy, a former high school basketball star, is at the end of her rope with the opposite sex. To her, all men are dogs, so she secretly seeks comfort in the arms of women, until she meets a man who makes her reevaluate her feelings. Reese is an around-the-way chick, trying to keep up with the Joneses. There's a revolving door on her bedroom as she tries to find the love she always felt was missing. Her promiscuity leaves her pregnant from a one-night stand and Reese is faced with the task of breaking an age-old cycle, passed down from mother to daughter in her family, and standing on her own. Rhonda is twenty-something with three kids, by three men, and riding the system all the way to the bank. To her, work is a dirty word; between the multiple checks she gets from the government, and the games she plays with men, she's living the life of a ghetto superstar. The game soon turns ugly when one of her "sponsors" snaps and decides to get some payback. Harlem has never seen four friends as scandalous as these. The neighborhood will never be the same again.


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  Part OneI’ll Bet You Know Somebody Like This1That’s right, nigga, fuck this pussy!” Yoshi grunted as she threw it back. The muscles flexed in her toned arms as she gripped the semiclean bed sheets of the motel room. Her back arched and flattened with the motion of his stroke, making slapping sounds as his thighs hit her ass. The young man cursed and rained spittle on her back as he went for broke on the fine light-skinned girl. From all the noise she was making, you’d have thought he was wrecking it, but it was all a show on her part. She learned early in the game
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  • K'wan

  • K'wan is a Harlem native and the author of Hood Rat, Eve, Hoodlum, Street Dreams, Gangsta and Road Dawgz. He has been featured in KING magazine, The New York Press, MTV, BET, VIBE and Big News.
  •  K'wan