If Aristotle Ran General Motors The New Soul of Business

Tom Morris

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If Aristotle Ran General Motors has quickly become one of the most influential and talked-about business books in recent years. Thousands of employees at major companies like Merrill Lynch, GTE, and Coca-Cola have attended one of the more than one hundred keynote speeches that Tom Morris delivers every year at corporate seminars all around the country. Morris, who for fifteen years was a professor of philosophy at Notre Dame, has electrified these audiences with his insights about how ancient wisdom can be used to enhance morale and productivity in organizations of any size. In If Aristotle Ran General Motor, Morris illuminates the teachings of history's wisest thinkers to present compelling strategies for reinvigorating the corporate spirit and bringing the soul back into our professional lives.


Praise for If Aristotle Ran General Motors

"If Aristotle Ran General Motors goes to the heart of what makes people and organizations successful. Tom Morris's message is a guide to achieving the highest level of excellence in your company and your career."—Daniel Tully, Chairman, Merrill Lynch

"Tom Morris integrates the timeless wisdom of Greek philosophy—the four transcendent verities: Truth, Beauty, Goodness, and Unity—into the greatest asset of any business, the spirit of its people."—Stephen R. Covey

"Morris's book is not really about either Aristotle or General Motors, but his title effectively takes advantage of the symbolism each suggests . . . Morris's book is a noteworthy addition to the growing number of titles encouraging business to be more humanistic."—Booklist

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  • Tom Morris

  • Tom Morris is one of the most popular and sought-after motivational speakers in the country. He is the author of True Success: A New Philosophy of Excellence and chairman of the Morris Institute for Human Values in Wilmington, North Carolina (www.MorrisInstitute.com).