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Over the past decade, Joe Sacco has increasingly turned to short-form comics journalism to report from the sidelines of wars around the world. Collected here for the first time, Sacco's darkly funny, revealing reportage confirms his standing as one of the foremost war correspondents working today.

In "The Unwanted," Sacco chronicles the detention of Saharan refugees who have washed up on the shores of Malta; "Chechen War, Chechen Women" documents the trial without end of widows in the Caucasus; and "Kushinagar" goes deep into the lives of India's untouchables, who are hanging 'onto the planet by their fingernails.' Other pieces take Sacco to the smuggling tunnels of Gaza; the trial of Milan Kovacevic, Bosnian warlord, in The Hague; and the darkest chapter in recent American history, Abu Ghraib. And on a mission with American troops—pieces never published in the United States—he confronts the misery and absurdity of the war in Iraq.

Among Sacco's most mature, accomplished work, Journalism demonstrates the power of our premier cartoonist to chronicle human experience with a force that often eludes other media.


Praise for Journalism

"Joe Sacco's brilliant, excruciating books of war reportage are potent territory—He shows how much that is crucial to our lives a book can hold."—The New York Times Book Review

"There is virtually no precedent for what he does . . . Sacco is legitimately unique."—The New York Review of Books

"A standout in comics journalism, Sacco turns his hand to the short form in sobering accounts that range from the trial of Bosnian warlord Milan Kovacevic to Abu Ghraib. Previously unpublished pieces address Sacco's time with troops in Iraq. Should be classic."—Library Journal

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This volume collects most all the shorter reporting pieces I have done over the years for magazines, newspapers, and book anthologies. As such, it seems to call for some sort of introductory...

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  • Joe Sacco, Illustrated by the Author

  • Joe Sacco is the author of the Eisner Award winning graphic novels Footnotes in Gaza and Safe Area Goražde, among other books. His works have been translated into fourteen languages and his comics reporting has appeared in Details, The New York Times Magazine, Time, and Harper's. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

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