Litany of the Long Sun The First Half of 'The Book of the Long Sun'

Book of the Long Sun

Gene Wolfe

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544 Pages



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Litany of the Long Sun contains the full texts of both Nightside the Long Sun and Lake of the Long Sun, the two novels that respectively comprise volumes one and two of the Book of the Long Sun tetralogy. This great and greatly acclaimed work is set on a huge generation starship in the same future as Wolfe's classic Book of the New Sun series (whcih is also available in two separate two-volume collections from Tor/Orb).


Praise for Litany of the Long Sun

"[Wolfe is] today quite possibly the most important writer in the SF field."—The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

"Wolfe is as good a writer as there is today . . . I feel a little bit like a musical contemporary attempting to tell people what's good about Mozart."—Chicago Sun-Times

"Wolfe is our Melville."—Ursula K. Le Guin

"The Book of the Long Sun is many books in one—each of them more impressive than any book I expect to read in the near future. Thrilling, mysterious, heartbreaking, funny—The Book of the Long Sun is insidiously beautiful—it releases delayed detonationsof pleasure days after you've read it . . . This is art of the highest order. It has all the magic we expect from Wolfe: chilling beauty, dark intrigue, and huge invention—and much we do not expect: love, tenderness, and comedy."—SF Eye

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Litany of the Long Sun
Nightside the Long SunThis book is dedicated to Joe Mayhew for at least a dozen reasons.1The Manteion on Sun StreetEnlightenment came to Patera Silk on the ball court; nothing could ever be the same after that. When he talked about it afterward, whispering to himself in the silent hours of the night as was his custom--and once when he told Maytera Marble, who was also Maytera Rose--he said that it was as though someone who had always been behind him and standing (as it were) at both his shoulders had, after so many years of pregnant silence, begun to whisper into both
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  • Gene Wolfe has been called "the finest writer the science fiction world has yet produced" by The Washington Post. A former engineer, he has written numerous books and won a variety of awards for his SF writing.
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