Make Room! Make Room!

Harry Harrison

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Trade Paperback

288 Pages



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The world is crowded. Far too crowded. Its starving billions live on lentils, soya beans, and—if they’re lucky—the odd starving rat.

In a New York City groaning under the burden of 35 million inhabitants, detective Andy Rusch is engaged in a desperate and lonely hunt for a killer everyone has forgotten. For even in a world such as this, a policeman can find himself utterly alone.

Acclaimed on its original publication in 1966, Make Room! Make Room! was adapted into the movie Soylent Green in 1973, starring Charlton Heston along with Edward G. Robinson in his last role.


Praise for Make Room! Make Room!

"Harrison’s fictions constitute one of the main monuments in modern SF." —Paul Di Filippo,

"Harrison presents a world drowning in its own population. Set in New York City, whose numbers have swelled to 35 million (sometimes it feels like that now), the story revolves around police detective Andy Rusch, who is on the trail of a killer determined to reduce the citizenry one at a time. This 1966 novel was the basis for the 1973 Charlton Heston vehicle Soylent Green."—Michael Rogers, Library Journal

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Chapter 1
The August sun struck in through the open window and burned on Andrew Rusch’s bare legs until discomfort dragged him awake from the depths of heavy sleep. Only slowly did he become aware of the heat and the damp and gritty sheet beneath his body. He rubbed at his gummed-shut eyelids, then lay there, staring up at the cracked and stained plaster of the ceiling, only half awake and experiencing a feeling of dislocation, not knowing in those first waking moments just where he was, although he had lived in this room for over seven years. He yawned and the odd sensation slipped away
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