Me and My Web Shadow How to Manage Your Reputation Online

Antony Mayfield

A&C Black




208 Pages



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Social networking on the web has vastly increased the amount of personal information available for nearly anyone to see. This information can link details of your personal and work life to neighbors, co-workers, and potential business associates. While most books give advice about the benefits of social networking and how to use Google, MySpace, and Facebook, Me and My Web Shadow is the first book to address how to understand and manage what people see when they look for you online and how to protect your online "shadow."

Antony Mayfield is a world-renowned digital expert who has worked with clients such as Coca-Cola and Toyota in shaping their online reputation. In Me and My Web Shadow, he shows how social networkers, business owners, corporate PR specialists, academics, and journalists can develop a personal action plan to:
—Set up and manage your online reputation in social networks and the wider web.—Protect yourself from identity theft, account hijacking, and cyber-bullying.—And create career and business opportunities by taking part in select social networks and online communities while understanding how associating with these groups can affect your work and personal life.


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  • Antony Mayfield

  • Antony Mayfield is the Global Vice President and Head of Social Media for iCrossing, the largest independent digital marketing agency in the world. It provides services to major brands including Coca-Cola and Toyota.