Only Girls Allowed

Pink Locker Society Novels

Debra Moffitt

St. Martin's Griffin



Trade Paperback

144 Pages


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Welcome to the Pink Locker Society. Membership is a high honor, but Jemma and her two best friends can’t tell anyone about their secret office, the work they do, or how they always manage to skip study hall. Behind pink doors, the trio of teens (plus Bet, the new girl) have been asked to take on a mysterious mission at Margaret Simon Middle School. They’re supposed to help other girls by answering their questions about the PBBs. Can Jemma, Piper, Kate, and Bet think fast and think pink?


Praise for Only Girls Allowed

"Grades 5-8–Jemma and three other eighth-grade girls are invited to join the elite Pink Locker Society by way of a pink door in the back of their lockers. The PLS is a secret organization designed so that members can post quality advice on its website to girls at their school who have pressing questions about periods, bras, and boys. Jemma, the narrator, is unsure if she would be good at dispensing such advice, since she has neither started her period nor had a boyfriend. Rather, she has a desperate crush on Forrest, whom she has known for years, but who now makes her tongue-tied. Regretfully, he fancies Taylor, a girl who makes videos of others in embarrassing situations. Eager to impress him, Jemma ignores a basic rule and risks everything by leading Forrest through the pink door into the society's secret office. Communication is a central theme as a hacker brings down the website, and a pilot video about the hacking incident is shown at a school assembly, bringing the PLS to the attention of Principal Finklestein, who is not pleased. He meets with the four girls and their parents, takes away their pink laptop, and threatens to suspend them unless they end the potentially inappropriate act of dispensing advice to other children. With its own engaging website, chick-lit appeal, and sequels to come, this is a promising series debut."—School Library Journal

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For one and only one day of the school year, I am so excited that my body works as its own alarm clock. Waaaaaaaay early in the morning, my eyes pop open. I wake up in my quiet room, with my cat purring on top of the covers and sun streaking through the window. My clothes are clean and ready, waiting for me on a hanger on my bedroom doorknob. Socks are tucked inside the shoes I'll wear. My lunch is in the fridge, and my backpack is loaded with new pens, pencils, folders, and even a few "supplies" in case my you-know-what shows up at school.

I know from experience that I will not wake up

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