Racing Demon A Play

David Hare

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Racing Demon, the first installment in David Hare's trilogy about the health—or sickness—of three British institutions, details the struggle of four clergymen to make sense of their mission in South London. A popular British card game where the quick and confident always beat the thoughtful and indecisive, Racing Demon is as a telling metaphor for this play's critique of the leadership valued in contemporary British culture.

Hare's trilogy gives us harsh yet well-considered views of the Church of England, the British legal system, Thatcherian politics, and the English press. Alongside this first work in the trilogy, Murmuring Judges (the second play) takes a behind-the-scenes look at Britain's laws, courtrooms, and notions of justice, while The Absence of War (the third) examines the life of a Labour Party member. (Hare has also written Asking Around, a documentary book that offers the full background on how and why he composed these plays.)


Praise for Racing Demon

"Racing Demon emerges as Hare's compassionate study of the eternal battle between the individual conscience and the institution . . . A great piece of drama."—Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

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David Hare was born in Sussex, England in 1947. His first play, Slag, was produced in 1970. His other works include Plenty (1978), A Map of the World (1983), and Pravda (1985). A founder of the Portable Theatre and the Joint Stock, he became resident dramatist and literary manager of the Royal Court Theatre, London (1967–71), and at the Nottingham Playhouse (1973). Until recently, Hare served as director of the National Theatre, London. In 1982, Hare founded a film company, Greenpoint Films. He has written several screenplays including Plenty (1985), Weatherby (1985), Strapless (1989), and
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  • David Hare

  • David Hare was born in Sussex, England, in 1947. In 1970, his first play, Slag, was performed at the Hampstead Theatre Club. Since 1983, several of Hare's best-known plays—including Plenty, The Secret Rapture, Skylight, Racing Demon, The Judas Kiss, Amy's View, and Via Dolorosa—have been presented on Broadway. Hare lives in London.