Ride or Die

Solomon Jones

Minotaur Books



Trade Paperback

304 Pages



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Seventeen-year-old Keisha is the beautiful, sheltered daughter of an activist pastor with a checkered past. Handsome, ambitious Jamal—a street-savvy crack dealer—is the son of North Philly's most notorious drug kingpin. A history of violence and betrayal lies between their fathers, who are now bitter enemies. After one of his church members is gunned down—with a bullet he is sure is meant for him—Pastor Anderson goes after Frank Nichols, determined to drive him from the neighborhood for good. There's just one problem: Keisha and Jamal are in love.

When the families face off on opposite sides of an anti-drug demonstration, a high-ranking police official is killed in the crossfire, and Jamal becomes the prime suspect in the murder. Keisha is left with a choice. Will she stay with her father, in the confines of the sheltered world she's known, or will she venture into the unknown in order to help Jamal clear his name? She chooses Jamal, and in a whirlwind flight across the seamy underside of Philadelphia, Keisha will risk everything for love. Even her life.


Praise for Ride or Die

"Solomon Jones is the real deal. With page turning plots and life-like characters, he takes you beyond the ink and into the story."—K'wan, bestselling author of Gangsta, Road Dawgz and Street Dreams

"In Pipe Dream and The Bridge, Solomon Jones proved himself a vivid storyteller and an adept craftsman. In his latest effort, the adrenaline-fueled Ride or Die, he infuses the action with enough pathos and heart to set a new standard."—Nichelle D. Tramble, author of The Last King and The Dying Ground
"Ride Or Die is a scorching rollercoaster ride through the intestines of Philly. Solomon Jones masterfully constructs a world where no one is what they seem."—Y. Blak Moore, author of The Apostles

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Ride or Die
1The sway of Keisha Anderson's hips stirred the still summer air as she climbed the subway steps and began the walk up Broad Street.She'd spent the last few Wednesday evenings the same way--rushing from her summer job to church in an effort to maintain the illusion that was her life.But tonight she didn't want to rush. As she passed the poster-laden remains of the Uptown Theater, she slowed down and allowed herself to drink in the sights and sounds of North Philly.She listened as an ambulance screamed past, and watched as a young mother dragged a toddler by the arm. She heard a basketball
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  • Solomon Jones

  • Solomon Jones graduated cum laude with a B.A. in journalism from Temple University. He currently volunteers as Summerfest Director for the Calvary Baptist Church of Philadelphia. He is a columnist for the Philadelphia Weekly. Jones lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his family.
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