Saturn A Novel of the Ringed Planet

The Grand Tour

Ben Bova

Tor Science Fiction



Mass Market Paperbound

480 Pages



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Second in size (in our solar system) only to Jupiter, larger than a thousand Earths but light enough to float in water, home of crushing gravity and delicate, seemingly impossible rings, the planet Saturn dazzles and attracts us. As this brilliant SF novel begins, Earth groans under the thumb of fundamentalist political regimes. Crisis after crisis has given authoritarians the upper hand. But freedom and opportunity still exist in space—for those with the nerve and skill to run the risks.

Now the governments of Earth are encouraging many of their most incorrigible dissidents—some ten thousand mavericks, intellectuals, scientists, and other free-thinkers—to join a great ark on a one-way expedition into space. Traveling twice the distance of Jupiter from the Sun, they are headed for Saturn, the ringed planet that baffled Galileo and has fascinated astronomers ever since.

But humans will be human, on Earth or in the heavens—so amidst the idealism permeating Space Habitat Goddard are many individuals with ulterior motives and long-term schemes, each awaiting the right moment. And hidden from them is the greatest secret of all—the real purpose of this expedition, which is known to only a few.


Praise for Saturn

"Another in Bova's series about humanity's expansion into the farthest reaches of the solar system . . . [The author] keeps things ticking over with professional skill."—Kirkus Reviews

"[Bova's] storytelling skills and scientific expertise make this SF adventure a good choice for most collections."—Library Journal

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SATURN (Chapter One)Selene: Astro Corporation Headquarters
Pancho Lane frowned at her sister. "His name isn't even Malcolm Eberly. He changed it."

Susan smiled knowingly. "Oh, what diff's that make?"

"He was born Max Erlenmeyer, in...

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  • Saturn by Ben Bova--Audiobook Excerpt

    Listen to this audiobook excerpt from Ben Bova's science fiction novel Saturn, part of his Grand Tour series. Following the bestselling, widely-praised Venus and Jupiter, Ben Bova offers a new adventure of solar system discovery like nothing previously imagined. Second in size only to Jupiter, bigger than a thousand Earths but light enough to float in water, home of crushing gravity and delicate, seemingly impossible rings, it dazzles and attracts us: Saturn.



  • Ben Bova

  • A six-time winner of the Hugo Award, a former editor of Analog and former fiction editor of Omni, and a past president of both the National Space Society and the Science Fiction Writers of America, Ben Bova is the author of more than a hundred works of science fact and fiction. He lives in Florida. Visit his Web site at

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