Spaceland A Novel of the Fourth Dimension

Rudy Rucker

Tor Books



Trade Paperback

304 Pages



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Joe Cube is a Silicon Valley hotshot—a would-be hotshot anyway—hoping that the 3-D TV project he's managing will lead to the big money IPO he's always dreamed of. On New Year's Eve, hoping to impress his wife, he sneaks home the prototype. It brings no new warmth to their cooling relationship, but it does attract someone else's attention.

When Joe sees a set of lips talking to him (floating in midair) and feels the poke of a disembodied finger (inside him), it's not because of the champagne he's been enjoying. He has just met Momo, a woman from the All, a world of four spatial dimensions for whom our narrow world, which she calls Spaceland, is something like a rug, but one filled with motion and life.

Momo has a business proposition for Joe, an offer she won't let him refuse. The upside of the deal becomes much clearer to Joe once Momo helps him grow a new eye (on a stalk) that can see in the fourth-dimensional directions. So he agrees to the proposal. Next comes a wild ride through a million-dollar night in Las Vegas, a budding addiction to tasty purple 4-D food, a failing marriage, eye-popping excursions into the All, and encounters with Momo's foes (rubbery red critters who steal money, offer sage advice, and sometimes explode). Joe is having the time of his life, until Momo's scheme turns out to have angles he couldn't have imagined. Suddenly the fate of all life here in Spaceland is on the line.


Praise for Spaceland

"Science fiction author-hero Rudy Rucker is an oddity and a treasure . . . . In these days of neat little marketing categories, few writers attempt to cover so much ground."—Wired

"[Rucker's] work links the largest possible cosmic view with the trivia and tribulations of everyday life . . . He portrays thoroughly real, everyday people grappling with some far-fetched phenomena [with] comic results."—Fantasy & Science Fiction.

"A hilarious tribute to Edwin Abbott's Flatland . . . Combining valid mathematical speculation with wicked send-ups of Silicon Valley and its often otherworldly tribespeople . . . Belly-laugh funny."—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

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New Year's Eve
My idea for handling December 31, 1999, was that Jena and I should fix a nice meal, drink champagne, watch TV, and stay clear of the Y2K bug. I bulldozered over Jena's gently voiced objections. I figured that at midnight the power would go out and the rioting would start. We'd lock the door and light some candles, and Jena would smile at me and kiss me and say I'd been right to make us stay home. In my mind, that's what was going to happen. And, hey, even if I was wrong about the rioting, we'd miss a Millennial traffic jam.
My secret hope
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  • Rudy Rucker

  • Rudy Rucker is a mathematician, computer scientist, professor, and writer who has twice won the Philip K. Dick Award for best SF paperback original. Rucker has also published a number of successful popular books on mathematical subjects, including The Fourth Dimension and Infinity and the Mind. He lives in Los Gatos, California.
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