Street Dreams A Novel


St. Martin's Griffin



Trade Paperback

320 Pages


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From the Essence bestselling author of Gangsta and Road Dawgz comes this unflinching account of teenage love, betrayal, and loyalty on the streets of Harlem.

Rio, the only child of a singer turned alcoholic, has no aspirations. Years ago, he took the wrap for a friend and did time in prison. Now, unable to find a job, he turns to hustling. Enter Trinity, who—with troubles and dreams of her own—eventually becomes Rio's soul mate. Together they vow to somehow escape the ghetto. But soon they find themselves with their backs against the wall—when the streets come to claim their due.


Praise for Street Dreams

"A must-read for any fan of urban fiction."—Shannon Holmes, author of Bad Girlz and B-More Careful

"K'wan has done it again . . . This is by far [his] best work."—Joy, author of Dollar Bill

"K'wan's stories are always satisfaction guaranteed, with characters you can see and feel. With Street Dreams he is set to take over the griot of a new generation. Make way for the Donald Goines/Iceberg Slim of our era."—Tracy Brown, author Black

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Chapter 1

"Y'all niggaz line the fuck up. Everybody gonna get served, just hold ya head." The corner managers barked their instructions and the fiends did as they were told. That's just the way it went in the hood.

Darius, also known as Rio, stood against the project building puffing his Newport, dark eyes constantly scanning the block for police. Rio was a handsome young cat. He was about six-foot-three with pretty raven-colored curls decorating his crown. The girls at his high school would always mess with him, saying he was a dark, pretty nigga. But he felt he was just him.

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  • K'wan

  • K'wan is a Harlem native and the author of Hood Rat, Eve, Hoodlum, Street Dreams, Gangsta and Road Dawgz. He has been featured in KING magazine, The New York Press, MTV, BET, VIBE and Big News.
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