The Complete Stephen King Universe A Guide to the Worlds of Stephen King

Stanley Wiater, Christopher Golden, and Hank Wagner

St. Martin's Griffin



Trade Paperback

544 Pages



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The myriad worlds and universes King has created are, in reality, one world, one universe. Here is the guide to that universe. The Complete Stephen King Universe is a reference work that examines all of Stephen King's novels, short stories, motion pictures, miniseries, and teleplays, and deciphers the threads that exist in all of his work. This ultimate resource includes in-depth story analyses, character breakdowns, little-known facts, and startling revelations on how the plots, themes, characters, and conflicts intertwine.


Praise for The Complete Stephen King Universe

"This book might be one of the single most important books about Stephen King ever written . . . Beginning with the premise that all of King's work is intertwined in an intricate weave of overlapping narrative threads, with the world of the Dark Tower as the linchpin around which everything else orbits, Wiater, Golden, and Wagner carefully prove their point, in an entertaining, intriguing, and thoroughly indisputable way."—Stephen Spignesi, author of The Essential Stephen King

"Here is the Stephen King companion to end all Stephen King companions . . . The three authors bring their considerable expertise to a survey of the complete King fictional corpus, grouping novels and tales by setting and theme. An indispensable insider's guide to the influences on King, his plots and characters, TV and film adaptations, and more."—Publishers Weekly

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The Complete Stephen King Universe

The Worlds of The Dark Tower and The Stand
The Dark Tower series is the core of the Stephen King Universe, and the axis upon which our entire...

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  • Stanley Wiater, Christopher Golden, and Hank Wagner

  • Stanley Wiater has been interviewing and writing about Stephen King for more than two decades. The award-winning author or editor of ten books, he is currently the writer and host of the television series Dark Dreamers, which showcases those who explore the dark side of the arts.

    Christopher Golden is the award-winning, bestselling author of more than forty books, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Watcher's Guide and Cut! Horror Writers on Horror Film. His novels include The Myth Hunters, Wildwood Road, and The Boys Are Back in Town.

    Hank Wagner is a respected critic and journalist. Among the many publications in which his work regularly appears are Cemetery Dance and Mystery Scene.

  • Christopher Golden Shivohn Kacy Fleming
    Christopher Golden