The Forge of God

Greg Bear

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Trade Paperback

480 Pages



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This novel begins on June 26th with the disappearance of one of the moons of Jupiter. On September 28th, a geologist working in Death Valley finds a mysterious new cinder cone in very well-mapped area. On October 1st, the government of Australia announces the discovery of an enormous granite mountain. Like the cinder cone, it wasn't there six months ago. Something is happening to Planet Earth, and the truth is too terrifying to consider. With this vast, unsettling, well-written yarn, Bear offers "one of the most striking novels in modern science ficition" (Locus).


Praise for The Forge of God

"Bear manages to visualize the final cataclysm all too clearly for comfort. [This] is the best end of the world we will see for a long time."—John Clute, New Scientist

"[This] is Bear's best novel and is certainly one of the best long works of science fiction I have read this year."—San Diego Union-Tribune

"Bear takes a profound and unusual approach to hard SF."—Los Angeles Times

"The finest novel of alien invasion since Larry Niven an Jerry Pournelle's Footfall."—Chicago Sun-Times

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September 28-29

Camped beside the mountain that should not have been there, wrapped in cold desert darkness, Edward Shaw could not sleep. He heard steady breathing from the still forms of his two companions, and...

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  • Greg Bear

  • Greg Bear sold his first short story, at the age of fifteen, to Robert Lowndes's Famous Science Fiction. Since then, he has written some twenty novels. He has won four Nebulas and two Hugos for his SF writing and was awarded the 2006 Robert A. Heinlein Award for outstanding published work in hard science fiction or technical writings inspiring the human exploration of space. Bear is married to Astrid Anderson, and they, and their two children, live near Seattle, Washington.

  • Greg Bear
    Greg Bear