The Incredible Shrinking Man

Richard Matheson

Tor Books



Trade Paperback

352 Pages



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Here is the vivid and terrifying novel that inspired the classic motion picture of the late 1950s. The Incredible Shrinking Man is, as Dean Koontz has written, "a classic of suspense as poignant as it is frightening—a mix that only Richard Matheson could pull off."

Formerly a simple and rather bland husband and father, Scott Carey now finds himself shrinking with no end in sight. Inch by inch, day by day, Scott is getting smaller. His wife and family turn into unreachable giants, the family cat becomes a predatory menace, and Scott must struggle to survive in a world that seems to be growing ever larger and more perilous—until he faces the ultimate limits of fear and existence.

This volume includes not only Matheson's complete novel but also nine additional SF/horror short stories—one of which, "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet," was the basis for a classic episode of TV's The Twilight Zone.


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Chapter One
First he thought it was a tidal wave. Then he saw that the sky and ocean were visible through it and it was a curtain of spray rushing at the boat.
He'd been sunbathing on top of the cabin. It was just coincidence that he pushed up on his elbow and saw it coming.
"Marty!" he yelled. There was no answer. He scuttled across the hot wood and slid down the deck. "Hey, Marty!"
The spray didn't look menacing, but for some reason he wanted to avoid it. he ran around the cabin, wincing at the hot planks underfoot. It would be a race.
Which he lost. One moment
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  • Richard Matheson

  • Over a career spanning five decades, author Richard Matheson has won numerable prestigious awards, including the World Fantasy Convention's Life Achievement Award, the Bram Stoker Award for Life Achievement, the Hugo Award, the Edgar Allan Poe Award, the Golden Spur Award, and the Writer's Guild Award. His other novels include Hell House, Somewhere in Time, and A Stir of Echoes. He lives in Calabasas, California.
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