The New Health Care System: Everything You Need to Know Everything You Need to Know

David Nather

St. Martin's Griffin



Trade Paperback

240 Pages



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A primer in plain English that explains how health insurance will work under the new legislation and how it will affect your care and your choices going forward.

Now that "Obamacare" (as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is popularly known) has become the law of the land, millions of Americans will need help figuring out exactly how the new system will work and how it might affect their lives.

This guide will teach people how the new health care exchanges are supposed to work. In an easy, conversational manner, David Nather makes a complicated system easier to understand by answering all your questions. Such as:

*How to apply for help in paying for insurance?
*Will your healthcare change if you work for a big company or a small company?
*How will the legislation affect you if you receive individual insurance, if you're uninsured, or if you are
on Medicare?
*What new protections are you supposed to get from the worst health insurance practices?
*Why did Congress decided everyone should be required to get health insurance?

For people who aren't lawyers or policy wonks, but simply want to make sense of what to expect in their own lives, The New Health Care System: Everything You Need to Know will be a must-read.


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