The Shadows A Vampire Huntress Legend

Vampire Huntress Legends

L. A. Banks

St. Martin's Griffin



Trade Paperback

368 Pages



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The Dark Realms are taking cover after an angel onslaught from On High. The Anti-Christ has been injured and the fourth Biblical seal has been broken. Yonnie and Val, a strange combination of a daywalker and an angel hybrid, have joined Damali and Carlos’s team. And the two new Council Level vamps, Elizabeth Bathory and Lucrezia Borgia, are still in recovery from their last mission.

Seething in the underworld is the Unnamed One, so furious that he's bringing the battle topside, unleashing a full-frontal assault on mankind for the offenses committed by the Vampire Huntress team. This time, Damali and Carlos must address serious human casualties and collateral damage...all while the vampire councilman, Nuit rebuilds Blood Music to become more than a record label, but a media brainwashing empire for the dark lord.


Praise for The Shadows

 “ . . . This 11th installment in Banks' Vampire Huntress Legend tale contains many interesting references to esoteric religious mysteries . . . Most of the action is in Hell, where Lucifer and his wife, Lilith, are feverishly working to protect the Anti-Christ and bring about the end of days. Lucifer's right hand man, Fallon Nuit, is successfully using his multimedia empire to flood the airwaves with bad mojo, while Elizabeth Bathory gorily resurrects her husband, Count Dracula, and then bleeds and moans through some physically improbable sex with him and Lucrezia Borgia, Nuit's wife.”—Publishers Weekly

“This ‘end of days’ scenario is a wild amalgam of Christianity, vampire lore, world myth, functional morality, street philosophy and hot sex.  Three double page line drawings . . . perfectly illustrate Banks’s over the top supernatural characters and scenes.”—Publishers Weekly on The Cursed

“A splendid tale that brings together action suspense, mystery, mind-blowing battle scenes and love scenes.”—Urban Reviews on The Cursed

“Superior vampire fiction.”—Booklist on The Forbidden

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In Hell… Level Seven

Dead Harpies, messenger demons, and human helpers lay strewn across the granite floor, victims of the Beast’s wrath and involuntary black blood donations. The smell of burning, sulfur ridden flesh filled the air and the sound of agonized wails was clotted by the sizzling meat frying against the dank cavern bottom.

Lilith worked feverishly to staunch the dangerous flow of blood that gushed from the heir’s side while her husband continued to work triage, summarily calling forth more blood and more bodies for his progeny to
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  • L. A. Banks

  • L. A. Banks is the author of the Vampire Huntress Legends series and the Crimson Moon novels.  She has a bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School and a master's in fine arts from Temple University.  Banks considers herself a shape-shifter.  She has written romance, women's fiction, crime and suspense, and, of course, dark vampire huntress lore.  She lives with her daughter and her dog in an undisclosed lair somewhere in Philadelphia.
  • L. A. Banks
    L. A. Banks