The Whisperer and Other Voices Short Stories and a Novella

Brian Lumley

Tor Books



Trade Paperback

336 Pages



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The Whisperer and Other Voices offers readers a complete short novel, The Return of the Deep Ones, as well as eight short stories from the dark imagination of Brian Lumley. Here are several of Lumley's best H. P. Lovecraft-inspired tales—including "The Statement of Henry Worthy," "The Luststone," and "The Disapproval of Jeremy Cleave"—all of which, as Publishers Weekly noted, are "as punchy and direct in their approach to horror as the author's blood-curdling Necroscope novels . . . The tone and temper of these tales [are] satisfyingly consistent with his novels."


Praise for The Whisperer and Other Voices

"A varied batch of Lumley's short stories which have previously appeared in anthologies or magazines and gone out of print. The stories range from the grisly shockers which Lumley does with such style to interesting experiments not at all so typical. All of this is great fun . . . As cozy a book of horrors as could be wished for."—Gahan Wilson, Realms of Fantasy

"The showcase of this new collection is a short novel, The Return of the Deep Ones, which reads as if it had been written by Lovecraft himself."—Rocky Mountain News

"Lumley is obviously very bright, articulate, and in possession of an incredibly wild imagination."—Rapport

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'All right, all right!' Sergeant Scott noisily submitted. 'So you're lost. You're staying with your dad here in the city at a hotel--you went sightseeing and you got separated--I accept all that. But look, son, we've had lost kids in here before, often, and they didn't try on all this silly stuff about names and spellings and all!'
Sergeant Scott had known--had been instinctively 'aware' all day--that this was going to be one of those shifts. Right up until ten minutes ago his intuition had seemed for once to have let him down. But now…
'It's true,'
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  • With his novel Avengers, British Fantasy Award-winning author Brian Lumley recently completed his epic Necroscope saga—a series of thirteen volumes. His list of publications now exceeds forty-five books. Lumley spent twenty-two years in the military before becoming a full-time writer.
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