Tuck Everlasting

Natalie Babbitt

Square Fish



Trade Paperback

160 Pages



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ALA Notable BookHorn Book FanfareChristopher Award for Juvenile FictionUnited States Honor Book-IBBYJanusz Korczak Medal-IBBY-Polish National Section

Doomed to—or blessed with—eternal life after drinking from a magic spring, the Tuck family wanders about trying to live as inconspicuously and comfortably as they can. When ten-year-old Winnie Foster stumbles on their secret, the Tucks take her home and explain why living forever at one age is less a blessing that it might seem. Winnie must then decide whether or not to join them on their never-ending journey and to keep the Tucks’ secret, especially when Winnie is followed by a stranger who wants to market the spring water for a fortune.


Praise for Tuck Everlasting

“A fearsome and beautifully written book that can’t be put down or forgotten.”—The New York Times

“Exciting and excellently written.”—The New York Times Book Review

“With its serious intentions and light touch the story is, like the Tucks, timeless.”—Chicago Sun-Times

“Rarely does one find a book with such prose. Flawless in both style and structure, it is rich in imagery and punctuated with light fillips of humor. The author manipulates her plot deftly, dealing with six main characters brought together because of a spring whose waters can bestow everlasting life . . . Underlying the drama is the dilemma of the age-old desire for perpetual youth.”—The Horn Book Magazine

“Probably the best work of our best children’s novelist.”—Harper’s

“Natalie Babbitt’s great skill is spinning fantasy with the lilt and sense of timeless wisdom of the old fairy tales. . . . It lingers on, haunting your waking hours, making you ponder.”—The Boston Globe

“This book is as shapely, crisp, sweet, and tangy as a summer-ripe pear.”—Entertainment Weekly

“Beautiful and descriptive language is the strength of Babbitt’s fantasy about Winnie and her encounter with the Tuck family, who cause her—and readers—to ponder an important question: What would it be like to live forever?”—Booklist

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A gifted artist and writer, Natalie Babbitt is the award-winning author of the modern classic Tuck Everlasting, The Eyes of the Amaryllis, Kneeknock Rise and many other brilliantly original books for young people. She began her career in 1966 as the illustrator of The Forty-ninth Magician, a collaboration with her husband. When her husband became a college president and no longer had time to collaborate, Babbitt tried her hand at writing. Her first novel, The Search for Delicious, established her gift for writing magical tales with profound meaning. Kneeknock Rise earned her a Newbery Honor
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  • Natalie Babbitt

  • Natalie Babbitt’s career began in 1966 with the publication of a picture book, The Forty-Ninth Magician, a collaboration with her husband, Samuel Fisher Babbitt. Her first novel, The Search for Delicious, established her ability to write magical tales with a more profound meaning. Kneeknock Rise earned her a Newbery Honor Medal, but it is Tuck Everlasting which has insured Babbitt’s place in the history of children’s literature. Babbitt has written six more novels including The Eyes of the Amaryllis and Goody Hal. Her latest novel, Jack Plank Tells Tales, was published in spring of 2007. Babbitt lives in Providence, Rhode Island, and is a grandmother of three.

  • Natalie Babbitt



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