Worlds of Exile and Illusion Three Complete Novels of the Hainish Series in One Volume--Rocannon's World; Planet of Exile; City of Illusions

Ursula K. Le Guin

Orb Books



Trade Paperback

384 Pages



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Ursula K. Le Guin's profound, pioneering, and prolific career as a novelist was launched by the three novels contained in Worlds of Exile and Illusion. These novels—Rocannon's World, Planet of Exile, and City of Illusions—are set in the same universe as the novel that many readers consider Le Guin's masterpiece: The Left Hand of Darkness.

Tor/Orb Books is pleased to return these three previously unavailable works to print in this attractive new edition.


Praise for Worlds of Exile and Illusion

"[The author is] as good as any contemporary at creating worlds, imaginary or our own . . . Le Guin writes with painstaking intelligence. Her characters are complex and haunting, and her writing is remarkable for its sinewy grace."—Time

"Like all great writers of fiction, Le Guin creates imaginary worlds that restore us, hearts eased, to our own."—The Boston Globe

"Le Guin writes in quiet, straightforward sentences about people who feel they are being torn apart by massive forces in society—technological, political, economic—and who fight courageously to remain whole."—The New York Times Book Review

"Le Guin is the ideal science fiction writer for readers who ordinarily dislike science fiction."—The Atlantic Monthly (on Rocannon's World)

"For sheer depth of imagination, Le Guin has few rivals in American literature."—Judith Freeman (on Planet of Exile)

"Le Guin has compassion and hard truthfulness. She is absolutely trustworthy in the invention and realities of the world."—Grace Paley (on City of Illusions)

"[Le Guin] has given much to the genre, not least by showing (through example) how the traditional novelist's interest in questions of character need not be alien to SF."—The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (on City of Illusions)

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PART ONE: The Starlord
So ends the first part of the legend; and all of it is true. Now for some facts, which are equally true, from the League Handbook for Galactic Area Eight.
* * *
Number 62: FOMALHAUT II.
Type AE--Carbon Life. An iron-core planet, diameter 6600 miles, with heavy oxygen-rich atmosphere. Revolution: 800 Earthdays 8 hrs. 11 min. 42 sec. Rotation: 29 hrs. 51 min. 02 sec. Mean distance from sun 3.2 AU, orbital eccentricity slight. Obliquity of ecliptic 27° 20' 20" causing marked seasonal change. Gravity .86 Standard.
Four major
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  • Ursula K. Le Guin

  • Ursula K. Le Guin is widely seen as one of the greatest SF writers in the history of the genre. She has won both the Hugo and Nebula Awards on several occasions, as well as many other honors and prizes.
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