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A Novel

Susan Coll



Acceptance is a satire of America's overachievers, a novel set over one year in the college application process, when students and parents surrender their evenings, their weekends, and their sanity to the race for admission. Maya, Taylor, and "AP" Harry (so named for all the advanced placement courses under his belt) are high school students in a Washington, D.C. suburb called Verona, each gunning for admission to the most prestigious colleges. Olivia is an overworked admissions officer, under siege from applications and every kind of desperate appeal. The application process threatens to overrun all of their lives, and Acceptance follows each character's struggle for their sanity against the relentless pressure of competition.

"Mom, are you all right?" Harry whispered in her ear. "You look kind of funny."

"I'm great," Grace replied, managing to pat him reassuringly on the knee.

Another parent asked a question about the importance of grades versus standardized...

Praise for Acceptance

“Bristles with enough wit and ambition to earn honors.” —Entertainment Weekly

“If your teen is among the thousands of high school seniors anxiously awaiting their college acceptance letters, Coll's witty satire of the admissions process will provide both of you with some much-needed comic relief.” —Life magazine

“Hilarious and dismaying.” —George F. Will, Newsweek

“Coll's tale of the harrowing days of college admission is spot-on.” —People

“Skillfully executed . . . a winning social comedy . . . Captures the reasoned irrationality of teens . . . It will prove a winning combination for readers who are in the throes of the rejection letter hype.” —USA Today

“Coll neatly captures the irony and humor of an era in which colleges peddle to junior high kids and Saturdays are all about SAT prep.” —The Christian Science Monitor

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Susan Coll

Susan Coll is the author of the novels A Love Story and Rockville Pike. She lives in Washington, D.C., and she and her husband are the parents of three college-aged children.

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