A Chunk of Hell

Steven Sidor

St. Martin's Griffin

After serving in the Pacific, Rick Conner returned from the war and opened a detective agency. He finds things, and his services don’t come cheap. An old buddy from the Corps points him toward a job. But his new client, the eccentric millionaire Lazlo Belzoni, puts Conner immediately on guard.

Belzoni claims to be a doctor but seems more of a mystic. He’s looking for a stone that was stolen from him. It’s supposed to be some kind of relic. Conner is skeptical, but what’s it to him as long as the good doctor pays top dollar. Rick finds the stone. And the moment he lays his hands on it, the game changes. He goes from hunting a thief to being hunted himself.

What’s stalking him is far worse than he ever could’ve imagined.

“A Chunk of Hell,” Steven Sidor’s prequel to his stunning new novel Pitch Dark, is a runaway train of a story that will draw you into an adventure that has only just begun.


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Some men are born in Hell, others are dragged to it. Rick Conner found his way there by accident. It began in the wee hours, in Brooklyn, New York. The Little Caughnawaga neighborhood was home to ironworkers transplanted down south from Canada. They were mostly Iroquois, and they came for the jobs. Whole families migrated to the city. Sometimes only the men would remain, sending their pay back to wives and children living on the reservation, and visiting them when they could. There’s a myth about the Iroquois having no fear of heights. Conner doubted it.



Praise for A Chunk of Hell

Praise for Pitch Dark

"Pitch Dark is a propulsive, layered, and brutal read. Sidor reminds you of the terrible violence of which we are capable and the heart that must be called upon to endure. A reader can't hope for more than to discover a writer possessed of both true talent and true passion. Discover Steven Sidor."
—Michael Koryta, author of The Cypress House

"Pitch Dark is as relentlessly suspenseful as any crime novel you’ve ever read, but at the same time it’s as scary as the best horror stories.  Once you’ve met the walking nightmare who calls himself the Pitch—and his devoted henchmen—you will never forget them (try as you might).  A harrowing, nonstop flight into the very heart of darkness, Pitch Dark kept me up half the night—and when I did go to bed, I left the lights on."
–Robert Masello, author of The Medusa Amulet

Praise for The Mirror’s Edge

“Chicago native and resident Steven Sidor, author of the stellar macabre thrillers Skin River and Bone Factory, has outdone himself with The Mirror's Edge, a supernatural-nuanced, soul-chilling mystery… Powered by a sublime sense of foreboding and an ominous, phantasmagoric ambiance reminiscent of works by Aleister Crowley and H.P. Lovecraft…. Comparable novels have been mainstays on national best-seller lists (Scott Smith's The Ruins and Joe Schreiber's Chasing the Dead, for example), but The Mirror's Edge blows them all away in terms of fright factor and overall quality of narrative. Crime fiction and horror fans alike will find The Mirror's Edge a dark, disturbing gem.”
Chicago Tribune

“Bone-chilling… Sidor is a master of the unsettling, and each twist is more grisly and unexpected than the last. Readers won't be able to resist staying up all night to finish this haunting tale.”
Publishers Weekly

“Compelling and chilling, The Mirror’s Edge delivers everything a reader could want—strong characters, driving narrative, and the edge-of-your-seat suspense. Unconventional and challenging, yet engaging and very human, it is a wonderful novel from a talented writer.”
--David Morrell, New York Times bestselling author of The Shimmer

Praise for Bone Factory

“Frank Miller's Sin City has nothing on Booth City... This tale is a dark classic by an author with a long career ahead of him.”
--Rocky Mountain News

“Sidor proved in his well-received first novel, Skin River, that he knows a thing or two about deviant human behavior. Now he delivers an equally laudable mystery about two homicide detectives, set in the fictional midwestern town of Booth City, that delves even deeper into the darker reaches of the criminal mind.”
Publishers Weekly

“It's a hard-boiled world, presented in a brisk, brutal shorthand as tough as its subject.”
The Providence Journal

“Sidor is a prince of darkness, steeped in the noir tradition and not giving an inch. That said, he is also bountifully talented.”
Kirkus Reviews

Praise for Skin River

"Take note, and you may see a star in the making."
--Kirkus Reviews

"A fast-paced crime debut. The salty prose and clever narration will keep readers hooked."
--Publishers Weekly

"You can't get creepier than this. Exquisitely plotted, with a well-realized main character."

“Unforgetable, spellbinding, and darkly suspenseful.  Sidor must have sold his soul to the devil to write this well.”
–Steve Hamilton, author of Misery Bay

“Dark, harrowing, and unpredictable as a run of dangerous river. Sidor plunges you into chilling waters on page one and barely lets you up for air.”
–Gregg Hurwitz, author of They’re Watching

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  • Steven Sidor

  • Steven Sidor is the author of acclaimed novels including The Mirror's Edge. He lives near Chicago, Illinois, with his wife and two children.

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