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A Dangerous Climate

A Dangerous Climate

A Novel of The Count Saint-Germain

St. Germain (Volume 22)

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

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The vampire Count Saint-Germain, disguised as a missing Hungarian nobleman, is on a spy mission in the heart of Czarist Russia. Almost by the power of his will alone, it seems, Peter the Great is wrestling the city that will one day be St. Petersburg out of swampland. Representatives of the heads of all European states are living in tiny, frigid, wooden homes as they jockey for power and influence over the Czar. When a man shows up claiming to be the Count Saint-Germain, the vampire must figure out how to protect his title and wealth without revealing either is true identity or his True Nature.


Chapter One

He came to slowly, his face pressed into cold, noxious mud, his body lying half on and half off a wooden walkway, his clothes in disarray, his sword gone, his wig missing entirely, and a collection of bruises and small wounds...


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Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

CHELSEA QUINN YARBRO is best known as the author of the Saint Germain novels, including Dark of the Sun, A Feast in Exile, Night Blooming, Midnight Harvest, and the classic Hotel Transylvania. Named a Grand Master at the World Horror Convention in 2003, Yarbro lives in Berkeley, California.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

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