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Africa Lost

Africa Lost

Rhodesia's COIN Killing Machine


Dan Tharp and SOFREP, with Brandon Webb

St. Martin's Press


The Lost Chapter of Special Operations History: Rhodesia.

Some of the most explosive combat in Special Operations history is almost completely unknown to the Western World. Everyone knows about Navy SEALs and Green Berets but nobody knows about the deep recce, sabotage, and direct action missions conducted by the Rhodesian SAS. The Rhodesian Light Infantry was a killing machine, participating in combat jumps every night during the heat of the Bush War. The Selous Scouts were perhaps the most innovative and daring unconventional warfare unit in history which would pair white soldiers with turncoat black "former" terrorists who would then infiltrate enemy camps.

US military veteran and historian Dan Tharp covers each of these three units in depth in Africa Lost.
(18,000 words)

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Dan Tharp and SOFREP, with Brandon Webb

DAN THARP has spent over 30 years studying military history, beginning with a book given to him at nine years of age about the history of the United States Marine Corps. After serving in the United States Navy he obtained a degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City in Ancient History, focusing on the Roman and Greek military. His study of the conflicts in Southern Africa began with reading an article about the ‘Crippled Eagles,' a group of Americans who continued to battle communism in the nation of Rhodesia after the Vietnam War. After numerous articles for and two successful novels, Task Force Intrepid: The Gold of Katanga and TFI: Highway to Hell, Africa Lost is his first in a series on the Cold War waged in Rhodesia and South Africa. is the #1 site on the Internet for news and information as it relates to the Special Operations and Intelligence community. In a very short time, SOFREP has become a legitimate source of alternative non partisan news media. The editors of SOFREP are from the US military Special Operations and Intelligence communities, and most have over a decade of operational experience that sets them apart from typical journalists.

Dan Tharp

St. Martin's Press

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