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After the Death of Anna Gonzales

After the Death of Anna Gonzales

Terri Fields

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)



A powerful look at the effects of one girl's suicide on her high school

"I can feel
The whispering of the hallway walls
Growing louder as the groups gather.
Each clique adding to its morning input.

"Did you hear?"
"Who told you?"
"Do you think it's really true?"

New at this school,
I stand alone.
Watching . . ."

Brutally honest and authentic in tone, this collection of voices centers on the suicide of high school freshman Anna Gonzales. Each piece, read alone, portrays a classmate's or teacher's personal reaction to the loss, taken hard by some, by others barely noticed. Read together, the poems create a richly textured and moving testimony to the rippling effects of one girl's devastating choice. Terri Fields has written a thought-provoking, important work that resonates with both pain and hope. This is a book that will stay with readers long after they put it down.

NCSS-CBC Notable Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies, Texas TAYSHAS High School Reading List, NCSS-CBC NotableTrade-Soc.Stdy


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Terri Fields

Terri Fields is the author of fifteen books, including several middle-grade novels. She is also an educator, and was named—among other honors—Arizona's Teacher of the Year and selected to the All-USA Teacher Team. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

Terri Fields

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Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

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