Against All Enemies

Harold Coyle

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The bestselling author of Team Yankee, "master of military fiction" Harold Coyle returns. In a novel both exciting and frighteningly realistic, Harold Coyle demonstrates once again that one of the nation's most important struggles is being fought on its own territory.

Freedom. It is brought settlers to America's coasts, and it's the ideal that many laid down their lives to preserve. But, as the greatest nation in the world enters the new millennium, America finds itself once again split over the concept of liberty and justice for all.

When one man decides to send a message to the government by bombing a federal building, the explosion is felt all across the country. The chain reaction that follows resonates most powerfully with members of a rebel band in Idaho who call themselves "Patriots" they want freedom from government control, no matter how much deadly force it takes. Their well-planned acts of terrorism soon show the government that they cannot be ignored and that definite action is needed.

Thrown into the battle is Lieutenant Nathan Dixon, fresh from VMI, and a soldier who stands in the very large shadow of his father, the revered General Scott Dixon. Sent to quell a potentially dangerous situation, he'll need every bit of his training, for Nathan finds himself catapulted into the first battle of a new American war of secession.

Covering the news is Nathan's stepmother, prominent anchorwoman Jan Fields. As the country watches, Jan discovers that Idaho's charismatic governor, George Oliver "GO" Thomas has an agenda of his own, one that may truly have a revolutionary effect on the whole country.
Using the hard-edged style that made him famous, Harold Coyle takes us inside an all too plausible America where a nation is divided over the ideals on which this country was founded. In this modern military thriller, Coyle gives us an intimate portrait of the men and women who fight to uphold their, visions of America against all enemies.

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  CHAPTER 1APRIL 25Making his way around the corner, Dale Stoner didn’t bother scanning the row of buildings that loomed up on either side of him like the walls of a sheer, gray stone canyon. The heavy afternoon traffic, which always starts earlier on Friday afternoons, covered the floor of this drab man made valley. The streets and roadways, populated by office workers and corporate professionals streaming out of the city for home demanded Stoner’s full attention, even though their forward progress was more akin to a creeping glacier than a roaring river.By nature a cautious man,


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"[Coyle's] military knowledge is first-rate, and when the action kicks in it makes his 'what if' scenario all the more gripping and unsettling."
--Publishers Weekly
"An intelligently crafted and suspenseful story with plenty of action on every page."

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  • Harold Coyle

  • Harold Coyle graduated from the Virginia Military Institute and spent fourteen years on active duty with the US Army. He is the New York Times bestselling author of nine novels, including The Ten Thousand, Team Yankee, God's Children and Dead Hand. He lives in Leavenworth, Kansas.


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