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A Horse Called Hero

A Horse Called Hero

Sam Angus

Square Fish



Trade Paperback

On the brink of World War II, a family forced out of their London home flees to the country. Wolfie and his older sister, Dodo, are devastated to leave behind everything they've ever known, but they begin settling into their new life.

One day they come across an orphaned foul, which they raise as Hero, a strong and beautiful horse who lives up to his name when he saves the children from a fire.

Wolfie and Dodo find comfort in their new life, but the war is escalating quickly and horses are needed for combat. One night, Hero is stolen, and the children are shattered. Years then pass without any indication Hero will return. It's only when Wolfie becomes a stable hand that he discovers Hero has ended up working in the mines under terrible conditions. Then and there, Wolfie resolves to save Hero, a plan that places both of their lives in jeopardy. Together again, can they will survive?


Chapter One

Wolfie stopped, distracted by the stacks of sandbags and newly dug trenches. Above Rotten Row, silver barrage balloons strained and sang on their cables. They were like sails in a high wind, he thought, or great prehistoric...


Praise for A Horse Called Hero

“A big, satisfying tale of friendship, family, and war.” —The Horn Book

“A horse named Hero inspires his young owner to heroics in this suspenseful coming-of-age novel . . . Adventure, a horse, faithfulness and truth--an arresting combination.” —Kirkus Reviews

“There's plenty of food for thought here--for example, the issues of mine workers' rights and war opposition--but readers will remember best the determined boy's passion for his beloved horse.” —Booklist

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About the author

Sam Angus

Sam Angus grew up in Spain. She studied literature at Trinity College in Cambridge and taught English before becoming a ski wear designer. She's the author of Soldier Dog and divides her time between London and Exmoor with her children, horses, and dogs.

Sam Angus

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